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rosanna_ (rosanna_) wrote,
@ 2003-04-28 01:19:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:Watching Star Wars.

    I hate writing introductions. I hate introducing myself to people. I hate being the new kid in some random place I've never been before. Don't expect some mind blowing introduction from me. I'm not very eloquent. I leave that to my boyfriend, clark_lowry.

    I am Rosanna Elizabeth Bauer. You can call me Rosanna or Rosie. I don't really care which. I'm eighteen years old. And I just transferred to doveracademy from Vail Colorado. I am not your typical teenage girl. I don't like to party on the weekends, I don't listen to loud music, I don't think the key to life is having 39048239048 friends.

    I come from a typical American family. We ARE the typical American family. Two happily married parents. One older brother. We live in a nice big house in a nice neighborhood. We have a dog. My parents have good jobs and enjoy their jobs. My older brother does well in college. I do well in high school and will graduate with honors. We are the epitome of the American Dream. And I hate it. I long to be different. I long to rebel against my perfect life. I want to cause havoc in my perfect world. But I don't. And I probably never will.

    I'm a happy teenager. I love to smile and I do it a lot. I suppose that gets on peoples nerves sometimes. People probably wonder if I'm ever angry or pissed off. If you want to find out, then go flirt with my boyfriend. Then you can deal with the wrath of Rosanna. Then tell me how much you enjoyed it.

    I listen to music. I don't listen to pop music. I hate Good Charlotte. I hate Dashboard Confessional. I hate people who claim to be Weezer fans but don't know a single song off Pinkerton. I listen to Weezer. I listen to Bright Eyes. I listen to the Rocket Summer. I listen to Beethoven. Yes, Beethoven.

    I like cheesecake and cheesy romantic comedies. I think Harry Potter and Star Wars are great.

    Why am I here? Unlike most, not because my parents forced me into coming here. In fact, I had to do a lot of talking to convince them that I should come here. So why did I come? I followed my boyfriend. Pathetic, no? Eh, oh well. His father decided he needed to come here. I decided that thousands of miles between us is too much and I followed him here. My parents don't know he came here. Had I told them that, they would have never let me come here. Instead I told them that this would be a good oppurtunity for me to prepare for college. My father, the voice of reason in the family, agreed that it would be and in the end, they decided to let me come here.

    So here I am. Sitting alone in a dorm room, because a roommate is not something I could deal with, contemplating wether or not I should sneak out and go see Clark.

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2003-04-28 20:57 (link)
Bright Eyes, Rocket Power, and Beethoven are all wonderful. People who think that punk rocks equals Avril Lavigne, wristbands, and neckties should all fall over and hit their heads..*scowl*

I'm Stella, and I feel ya 100 percent..*grin*

ps-I wasn't flirting with your boyfriend..promise. :)

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2003-04-28 21:49 (link)
Heh, I have no opinion on Avril. Good Charlotte is the band I can't stand. And the people who think they are "punk" because they listen to Good Charlotte.. mm, no.

Err, yes, I go off on random tangents like that.

Hi Stella, I'm Rosanna. Nice to meet you.

And I'm glad you weren't flirting with my boyfriend. ;)

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