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Ronald Harsika (ronalhars12) wrote,
@ 2012-01-13 11:51:00
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    Best Email Marketing Service Provider
    A software solution provider should be able to help you to comply with necessary federal policies and rules. A marketing software solution provider is expected to assure that your messages reach the right folder of the receiver. Email design should necessarily be done in a manner that they avoid the spam software. The marketing service provider should be in a position to assure this.

    Check your service provider's claim

    Conduct a test of the system by sending a test batch of mails to a few known email ids and check whether the mails reach as they are supposed to. You can create a number of dummy email identities to check the claim of the service provider that the email is able to avoid the spam folder and is clearly visible in the inbox. Another claim to be checked is that of flexible reporting and activity tracking. If the provider is unable to provide a demonstration of this functionality, contact existing customers and ask for a preview of the report.

    Industry best practice

    Does the system allow the recipient of the message to unsubscribe from your service? The best practice of the industry is to respect the viewer's preference and remove your presence from their inbox if there is such a request. The possibility of bulk unsubscribing should be available on the system.

    Customer database

    A good marketing service provider is aware of your need to slice and dice the customer population and view the profiles of customers that are being contacted and possible customers who can be considered as a part of the campaign. It should also allow demographics of population distribution for your study when you are planning an initiative. Lastly, whose interest was piqued by the communication and what is the preference profile of this person? What are the responses of other people with similar profiles?

    Best Email Marketing Service
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