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Melody (rogue_velvet) wrote,
@ 2003-07-24 02:38:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:Neil Young- Philadelphia

    In my head
    Sometimes and often these days I can only worry that I may be pregnant, I know I'm not buuuuut there's always that little thought in the back of my head telling me otherwise. Sex on my birthday with David was great, I was able to let the frustrations over Dan go finally. The age of difference was ushered in.

    Anyway I can definitely say since the breakup and the way that things panned out so nastily between Dan and myself; I've been much happier just being alone in my own head these last few weeks. He's no longer there to pick and prod in my business and my most craziest thoughts about things, he's not here to "solve" me and make me better anymore. The thing I'm most relieved about is the fact that I can meet and talk to other guys as much as I want, I never realized how much that meant to me until I was in that relationship. I was painfully loyal and true to Dan, I never did the boy one injustice. But to him I ruined his life, well, whatever.

    I'm so giddy about this guy in TX, he makes me smile more than I should... I'm skeptical and unsure of him not because I want to date him but because he's interesting and real... and funny. Those are inviting qualities, I know but it's a long story to tell about how and why he rubs me the way he does. I wish he could rub me but that's another story for another day.

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