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Nick (rockonboy16) wrote,
@ 2004-03-28 15:09:00
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    Current music:over it- rufio

    you're my favorite part about the west coast
    so i have 7 weeks left untill i'm done with school. i'm stuck with decideding if i want to go to college in CHICAGO, INDIANA, or OREGON? hm i'm not sure where i should go...with that aside i got an interesting email. so my cousin viewed one of my entry's.. aparently i'm a fool and sound retated. (retated is cooler then retarded) but yes i must say my weekends are looked down upon by somepeople. especially someone who is smart and doesnt really party...but hey props on making the rest of the family look shitty cause we all know you'd be the coolest paula and you are the family doctor. SO what i did this weekend:

    this is going to sound really bad but i went to a party friday and saturday night. friday night was gross, funny, and memorable all in one. some girl drank so much that she shat herself.. like with her pants on.. it was so funny but it smelled like shit. she has been named the "PARTY POOPER" for reasons you can figure out. saturday night was so much fuun...not lightwieght drinkers. also a friend has a cd of this lounge singer who does popluar songs...i've never realized how funny some songs are untill a lounge singer does them...also something about dead puppies are no fun to play with HAH dead puppies are so cute! but this weekend with friends and fellow seniors i realized this: I"M ALMOST DONE WITH SCHOOL.. we were all so happy to finally be done and getting out of this city...

    so tonight i'm going to mogonlian bbq then hitting up UNSUNG AUTUMN...check me out i'll be sell t-shirts...i hope those girls come again cause i like it when they touch me..what? also check back the newspapers you're looking at an all conference swimmer and honorable mention for all district...DONT YOU WISH YOU DIDNT SUCk AT LIFE

    last words: anyone who doesnt play a school sport should take a seat and realize you are a waste of dont understand the commitment and dedication it takes to be good at something. so next time you feel like someone is always to busy just remember that and i'll be right here saying FUCK YOU

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2004-03-30 00:47 (link)
yes, retated. I meant to sound like I'm from brooklyn. And you can be a nerd and drink. I just said you sound retarded (retated- whatever), not that i look down on you chump. Have fun, cause when you get to college you'll actually have to do work. So do it while you can, just don't sound like a moron.

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