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NoThInGnEsS qUeEn (rockishfemme) wrote,
@ 2003-10-26 00:28:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:the coral (((dreaming of you)))

    y ganaron los marlins!!
    oh yeah - the marlins kicked yankee ass!! didnt watch the game since i was in the mall con la gente!!
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i meet JENNY POO - she's so cool. unfortunately adrian and she couldnt stay - for the movie. the movie sucked ass - hanging out w/ la gente is soo much better - i have to say that i'm glad i went. so thanks rodrigo, felix and harold for telling me to go - especially rodrigo - because he's simply one of the bestest friends a person could ask for. he owns!
    my horoscope for the day:
    This is a day to be out and about, mingling with as many people as possible. You are a social creature, Ana, and today your natural communication abilities are highlighted. Make the most of them. Friends and acquaintances will enjoy their contact with you. At home, spread your charm among all your family members. Enjoy this great day!

    i wasnt feeling my best when i went - but then i eased myself into the whole situation - i had a talk w/ someone - that was interesting - we decided - that i need to believe more and that there needs to be a space period. everything (hopes) will be better after that. and oh yeah it will - i have faith! :)
    wanted to buy the damien rice cd - because i love that man!! he's awesome. didnt find it in fye - looked in borders - 19 bucks!! what the fuck!! he's an indie artist!! i expect to pay less - like 10 or something - i mean the ravonettes cd - was 8 bucks - i should've gotten that.
    crap tomorrow i gotta read the scarlet letter - gotta finish reading it - i'm on chapter 9 and there are like 30 - eek!! no way!! i'm not going anywhere tomorrow. hehehe

    and - i beat my record! my kicking a single person - FELIX u are the wonderful person i kicked 10 times today! again congrats!

    oh yeah again - congrats to LOS MARLINS (cuban accent) - they deserved to win - and oh yeah HUNKY JOSH BECKETT OWNS!!

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2003-10-26 01:16 (link)
OMG major pwnage! We won hard! That was awesome!

I'm glad you went too! Ana roxxors!

-Baby Madden

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Re: Pwned!
2003-10-26 01:17 (link)
baby madden owns!!
thanks doll hehehe

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