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-roLe-modeL- (rocker_hunnie) wrote,
@ 2004-03-12 02:41:00
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    ....subject for approval....
    So it's spring break and I'm torn in like 200 million different directions! I'm so stressed out that I just want to give up. Mid-terms just whooped my rear... and I've got ...snap... like 3 papers due the week we get back not counting the exams that same week. Can life hit me in the face again PLEASE! Grrr... I need a job and everyone is being so difficult... but I'm just gona stay strong in my faith. It's the only thing thats going to get me through this. I have come so far to give up now. On a good note... I met Simple Plan, MxPx, and Sugarcult! Yay fer me! Um Chris and Benji from Good Charlotte were there too... they make me so happy! Jeff-omg-Jeff.. one of the guys in Simple Plan got on my cell and was talking to my friend Priscilla for me and he straight up tried to lay my junk bare oh boy! He was insanely hillarious! Uh-and Yeah..P.S. that was Cali on the phone babe.. not Becca... my bad...*sad face*. Just to let everyone know not only are they intense performers with mad crazy skills, they are all nicer than nice, and hotter than hell... ohh geez! Um.. the Yellowcard/Something Corporate Concert is on March 24th and I can't wait. I get to meet my favorite band:D Yay for me!!! Got my Warped Tour ticket... just about peed my pants when I realized who alls gona be there but I'm stoked. Uh.. Zachary Glen and I are friends again and it makes me happy. My roommates a complete nut who I love so so much. Um okay so yeah rock on... Haha later kidos!
    -your role model-

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