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im a loner, im a loser, im a winner in my mind. (rock_a_bye) wrote,
@ 2004-10-20 16:30:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:korn- take a look in the mirror

    ''ill cut myself and watch the blood hit the floor''
    man, i hate when david leaves or when my parents tell me i cant go out to be with him. i had a cutting fest in class today. i was so bored and i just started cutting, it was so amuzing, so thrilling, i loved it. when im leaft alone i get really sad and everything, i start to feel suicidal. i dont really know why. and can you beileve i wanted to disclude everyone in my life before, i dont know how i could have done it. my arm is really sensative now. hehe. today in history i wrote notes with kadie, i dont know if she was bullshiting me, for some reason i think so, but i dont know much anymore. me and ashley are starting to talk more... i guess. i got a new box of candy. danielle is coming back to live with her real family.... wooh.... hooo.... *smerk*. roos called last night, i was too tired to call him back, but he called back, and i miss being around him *frown*. my friend andrea is being a little too dramatic about her parents and everything, i just hate listening to her act all emoish... is so fucking annoying. ''why dont you just rebel against them?'' ''becuase if you lived in a vetnamise family youde understand...'' its not fucking different hun, if you make it be different then it will be, but if you act like others then youde be treated better. if they love you they wont make you ''suffer''. my mousies cage is clean. at lunch i my friend wrote ''christy is a bitch'' and i worte ''and a ho'' and she saw it. she is a fucking ho. i fucking hate that bitch. i hope alex breaks her heart, but he wont. shes so preppy and attention needy, and alot of other things, lol. i didnt see emily between 2 and 4th period... *sad face* ingrid mushed her boobs in my face yesterday. lol. probably not on porpuse.... ahhh lightening and thunder.... so im going before my comp. goes away with the power.... bye.. i love you daivd..... hunny.... come back!!!!

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*sad face* *mad face*
2004-10-24 07:51 (link)
bad bad kylelee
no more...!

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