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im a loner, im a loser, im a winner in my mind. (rock_a_bye) wrote,
@ 2004-10-03 19:49:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:breaking benjamin - we are not alone

    '' theres no way THERES NO WAY that im running away THAT IM RUNNING AWAY!!''
    *sigh of happiness* erin slept over last night. she just got her tounge periced... it was pretty cool. i got to change my belly ring.... i couldent get the ball off before... but then.... it poped and came off.... WOOH... i got so happy. i talked to danni today. i havent talked to her in forever... it was sorta werid. eh. danni thinks that im crazy for dating someone who like 5 years older then me... but she can go eat an ass cuz i love my david... lol. today was my dads birthday. and after church i went to Target with david. it was actually quite fun... we walked around the store for a while... then looked in an aisle and found a axe for $7 a bag thingy that sucks air out so it makes more room for $8 and a bendable shovel for $1.98.... so i got the shovel for my dad... and the sexy sexy axe for me... lol... then we went to his house and ate grilled cheese.... yesterday at like 530 erin, david, and erins friend came and got me and we went downtown... then erins friend had to go byebye.... then we went to davids house and got mike and jason... but we hung out there till about 8... and daivd cracked his chest and i fell off his bed... HAHAHAHAHA it was great. then we went to mcdonalds... met up with kim conwincidentally.... it was really werid... then we went to the beach (without kim) and hung out there until it was time for me and erin to go home. then friday i went to the movies with david... and we saw the forgotten.. it was really good. and i jumped when they flew up into space... lol. theeeeeen we left because he didnt like it there... *tear* all my friends were there... oh well. we drove and talked and we went to lantana road and turned around... went to his house for an hour... and came home. hmm.... then wend. we had youth group... not all that interesting... but got to hang out with david... and sarry came... YAY... i missed her!! then tuesday AHH i forget tuesday.. oh yea... we went swimming. we went to the mall to pick up his friends gift and then came home and went swiming and i have his pants now... lol... and hung out at his house for a while... and monday went to the mall.. hehehheee.... yea... hm. i think i got the whole week.. well i dont know what else to say. except that i dont want to go to school tomrmow... i want to be with david....i always want to be with him. *sigh* oh well... lifes life... well im going to go now.. im sure this is long enough.. and people dont like reading my long blurtys... thats why no one reads them... DARN THEM!!!.. oh well... BYE... i love you david.... *huggs everyone who read through this whole thing*

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2004-10-04 18:24 (link)
i read the whole thing...

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