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Chelle (rochtnlsd) wrote,
@ 2005-05-16 12:21:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:faint bckgr music that i can hear just enough to hear

    it's only been a month since my last entry...yes...blurty neglect. i know, i'm sorry. not like i have a whole lot to say to begin with....sigh....

    a month...and what am i STILL griping about? that's writing class. i have an elevator pitch that i should have done a while ago, that's actually due today....meaning i-actually-have-to-turn-it-in due today. And i stayed up till....5am to finish the other 4 pieces in my portfolio. and despite that, they're all still short pieces. god i hate writing about myself. I ESPECIALLY hate writing about myself in a business sense. it's like i'm singing my own praises, no thank you. i like in self-deprecating humor, do i even have praises? no.

    I swear, i'm sooo just falling on my bed the second i get home. in the mean time, i still have to go get a manilla folder from the student store, um..."borrow" some paper clips from the Asian American Studies department, and finally search around this campus for a color printer.


    good flipping times.

    oh yeah, and my eyes feel like sandpaper.

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2005-05-18 05:06 (link)
I wondered where you disappeared too. Well, dun stress yourself up. Hehe, stress can do alot of bad things to you.

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Re: Hey!!
2005-06-26 04:25 (link)
haha....thanks for the advice...

yes i really am still alive...about a month after you left this comment lol

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2005-06-05 12:42 (link)
I'm finally posting regularily again, and you're off slacking and neglecting your Blurty...Tsk, tsk, hun...*LOL*...Sooooooooo get back here and keep me company, damn it :P...How are you doing???...

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2005-06-26 04:42 (link)
ha...regularly eh? June 5? lol, j/k. yeah, those super long entries of yours have been scarce. But now that school is FINALLY out, i can settle back into blurty....

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2005-06-26 15:50 (link)
*haha*...I'll try and get on more...Well I had planned to...Life has been...umm..complicated and busy lately...getting more and more complicated by the day...

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