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P3RR1 (rocafella_4_eva) wrote,
@ 2004-08-01 22:44:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Jay-Z - If I Can't Remix

    Understand my angle, I'm safety first. Don't make me act like the safety don't work
    ahhhhhhh what a day. i woke up, took a shower, ate and then i re-did my door. lol i kept some of the stuff up there, but also took stuff down and replaced it. it looks hott.

    so thennn my aunts uncles and cousins and gramma and ralph came over. i stayed outside with them for a while. then josh came over at like 5:30ish...and we got to chill...i gave him his present. but i couldnt find the card. i guess i lost it. he liked the present. he showed me a pic of what he got me. it was hott. umm so me and josh chilled, he told me he saw marcus at the movies. i got jelous haha. he always sees him. umm then we played some bball and there was like a massive wasps nest in the hoop lol. there were madd amounts of wasps. umm then we went back upstairs and chilled online a lil more. then we came downstairs to watch a movie but there were other people down there so we went outside by the pool and talked. umm then we ate. then dani finalllly got here :-D. we chillllllllllllled downstairs and watched love and basketball. when i turned it on the movie wasn't at the begining. stupid ben didn't make sure it was at the begnining, he left it at the rude! lol but i forgive him. dani kept fast forwarding it tho. come on now who does that? u CANNOT fast forward love and basketball. JESUS DANI! haha so yea her and josh kept fighting over the remote. it was cute lol. then we had some cake. or i did...and now dani regrets that she didnt lol. and josh doesnt like carvel cake, he only likes "box cake" haha good times. then wen chilled some more downstairs untill it was time for joshua to leave. then he left. then dani left like 10 mins later. i think im goin 2 the movies with kenny and others tomorrow. possibly dani and josh and his friend dan too. i think nicole is coming to, i really don't know lol. oh and i gotta call courtney. ok so im out for now...peace...1!!

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2004-08-01 23:53 (link)
i heart you baby

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