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P3RR1 (rocafella_4_eva) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 17:16:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Notorious B.I.G. - Juicy

    Now we sip champaigne when we thirstayyyyy...
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THE LOVE OF MY LIFE MARISA IS BACK!!!!!!!! i missed her sooo much!! ahh there were madd parents @ camp today...holy shit i was scared haha. i talked 2 a few of them. RACHIE P AND CHRISTINE CAME 2 VISIT 2DAY!! ahh it was good 2 see them...i love rachie p!!!!!! she is the fuckin shit haha. my girls like love them so much i was jelous :-( haha. oh man i was tired again this mornin cuz i stayed up late watching training day cuz ben wanted me to was a fuckin awesome movie! a lil confusin...but really good haha. umm so my day started off good cuz i got to see my lover marisa who i haven't seen since thursday!! and i got to see rachie p and christine...then i walked down 2 the benches and saw ben rockin the marbury practice jersey...oh shit it looked hott. then we started off at dodgeball, then we went to jr. soccer where steve was a lifesaver and came and taught the girls a game called "ultimate" or something. it was pretty fun...i got to play for like 5 minutes at the end haha. then the girls had mini golf...then swim where i had 2 sit there all by my fucking self cuz of the 1 girl who cant swim. um kyle was sitting next to me and he said he to a little girl in smith and he was like thats my sister...not my 5 year old girlfriend and i was like aww...but i was really thinking WOW haha ummmm then we had music but before that i had to give the girls their lunches and girl who is a bitch like reached in front of me and i was like what are you doing? and she was like getting my lunch and i was like no, im handing them out and she was like no i want mine and i was like no u have 2 wait till i get yours out and she was like no and reached in and took her lunch and gave me a dirty look. jesus i hate that girl haha. yea then at music the girls practiced their song for the show, and started 2 learn the dance. umm then it was lunchtime and after lunch i had 2 clean up and i took extra long cuz i wanted 2 wait around till ben came up so i could cop myself a slice of pizza. but by the time i was done he still wasnt up there, so i just left. um then it was free swim and i sat with allie like usual. then i went down 2 go get the girl thats still in the little pool, and dani was like yo come here come here!! and i went over and she splashed me and my white shirt and i was like oh man ur gay!! haha i love her!! then we went 2 nature! oh how fucking fun! there were goats there today haha. i went up 2 get snack and we had flying saucers today cuz it was benny bergers bday and his mom brought flying saucers for his group and his sisters group, which would be my group lol. yea so on the way back from getting snack i passed the pool and nick ryan and dan were sittin there and ryan yells 2 me YO U WANT BERTINO TOO?! and i was like me? and he was like yea you want him? and i was like noooo that was like 2 years ago...and i was smiling and shit cuz u kno me i cant stop smiling...and i was gettin red cuz yea every1 fuckin knows i get red all the time. so then they were like yeaa u kno u want him ur smiling and gettin red and i was just like watever yo and i walked away. then i went on break and chilled with MARISA and brian. we talked 2 matt about some people haha and it was funny. then i asked ben if he wanted me 2 go get him love and basketball from my bunk and he was like i gave that to him and then i wanted a firecracker thingy so i went back to the bunk and there were none left, but there were flying saucers so i took one of those, and i gave marisa one. then we walked back 2 our "usual spot" but on the way we started talkin 2 rebecca, and then matt and ryan came over and they were all like hey where'd u get the flying saucers? and i was like in my bunk and they were like can we have one? and i was like idk if i can...and then ryan was like "yo ill hit on u if u give me one" oh i hate that fucking kid so much. hes so immature!! i would have no problem giving rebecca and matt one, but i really didnt want to give ryan one. but then matt took a huge ass bite out of marisa's and a huge ass bite out of mine so he was good...and then him and ryan walked away and then i went to the bunk and gave rebecca one cuz i love her and her brother haha. umm then i went to softball and sat there and talked to tom. then when the horn blew i "ran into" ben walking up 2 get his walkie talkie thing and i was like soo wat movie should i watch tonight? and he hadda think about it and then he said fight club and i was like iight and then we talked a lil bit more and then i got a hug and hadda go return the softball mitts. then i went back 2 the bunk and got the girls ready to go...then i left and went 2 blockbuster to go rent fight club...but they didnt have it >:O...that pissed me off lol. but i think my brother has it so i can still watch it hopefully...speaking of my brother...HES COMING FOR VISITING DAY TOMORROW! im excited...and rebecca is too haha...then i came home and i was supposed 2 go running with jenn but she called me and said we are gunna go tomorrow cuz she didnt get off of work till late today. tomorrow will be cooler anyway wich is good. umm so i think im guna go do some shit and then watch fight club...peace...1!!

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2004-07-21 18:47 (link)
i read cause im hooked on phonics.
you smile a lot cause you're in love. (cough) obsession (cough)
are you in love with risa too? hahaaaaa
man i wish i had new friends BECAUSE I REALLY AM STARTING TO NOT LIKE MY SCHOOL FRIENDS! but shhhh haha love ya

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2004-07-21 19:10 (link)
yea hukd on fonicks wurks reel gud
yea im in love
risas my other half
yea school friends can be but dont worry cuz i can be ur new best friend cuz i love uuuu! lol

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2004-07-22 21:50 (link)
yay i love you tooo..hahahaha

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