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P3RR1 (rocafella_4_eva) wrote,
@ 2004-07-19 16:37:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Jay-Z - Streets is Talkin

    Different toilet, same shit, and I'm sick of explainin this...
    ahhh monday...they first day of visiting week! how fucking wonderful! yea well it wasnt too bad today since only one parent came...and i didnt really have to talk 2 her haha. wow i walked in and i saw rebecca and she gave me a dirty look haha but it was expected ;-)...yea so i had my frozen oreos woo they were goooood!! haha i talked 2 benjamin a lil bit on the way up 2 give in the attendance and then i talked 2 dani and i was like was ben just behind me? cuz i felt a tall shadow i was like yea he was hahahaha!! umm then we did all our lil activities which are always fun...umm swim was boring because brian and matty b were both in the big pool today. it was funny watching travis chase this little kid around the pool thought because he wouldn't go in. umm oh yea i saw krystina today! she came with lucy's madre for visiting week ((its iight boo)) haha umm heather asked me to go to the office and get sheets about havin pizza on fri. so i got those...and i hadda make copies...yea so i put the sheet in the machine and press 19 cuz i wanted 19 copies and then i press start and nothing jane comes over and presses it and nothing happens...then rita does it and it works...butttt i must have put the paper in the wrong place in the machine...being the dumbass that i half of the fuckin thing gets copied...i felt like such a dumbass but watever only 3 came out like that haha...then rita fixed everything. haha i told ben it wouldnt start and he made fun of me...he was like you gotta press the button that says copy! and i was like no but it didnt work!! haha umm then we went back to the bunk and then to field 2, then to lunchhh then it was time for free swim...soooo boring!! ben was @ paddleball so i was liek allie im gunna go check our interest periods haha yea so i passed by him and talked 2 him and felt like a dumbass cuz i read his shirt and i read it wrong and he was like oh ur a dissapointment!! cuz it said budda ((butter)) plays toast and i read it out loud and said it like buddah oh man i felt stupid and he was like its from juicy and he was like u gotta know juicy so i started singing super nintendo sega genesis when i was dead broke man i couldnt picture this...and it reminded me of gay ass mike haha...then we just talked about some other stuff and then i looked @ the interest period sheet and it wasnt up so i was like ok watever...and i passed ben again and i wa slike i feel like such a failure and he was like yea im dissapointed in u and i was like yea me 2 and he was like its iight tho ur a young'n haha then we went back to the bunk and then 2 snack where we got oreos and we had a whole extra roll :-D instead of returning it allie told me 2 go on break and bring them 2 the bunk and put them in the freezer hhaha and i passed heather and she saw the roll in my hand and she started crackin up haha gotta love frozen oreos woo then i went on break and i chilled with brian and we bleeped risa...she was on the beach haha and then we went 2 the bleachers and lucy joined us...then brian showed us what happened 2 his dads car...which was over by archery...and yea ben was @ archery and i felt like a stalker...oh well...then we went back 2 the bleachers and then ben came and i talked 2 him for like 20-30 mins while he waited for andy so they could go 2 free swim...umm then i hadda go to softball and i just sat there with another CIT for 15 mins...then it was time to go finally and i left haha. yea so i got home and the laptop adapter came so i can finallllly use that again...but my bro has 2 make the internet work againnn...umm yea im gunna go watch gladiator so i wont be as much as a dissapointment 2 ben...then i still gotta watch training day and fight club haha...krystina wants me 2 go 2 her feild hockey game later but i dont know if im gunna or not haha...ok well im out...gotta go watc that movie...peace...1!!

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2004-07-19 20:33 (link)
yooo what up gangsterizzle.
you are in loveizzle with benizzle.
shhh rebeccizzle. dont say nothin. hahahaaaaaaaa
i'm cool like that yo. but ya love me anyway <33
guess who :-p

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2004-07-19 20:34 (link)
haha i lovvvvve you dani!!!!
you can amost pull off the gangsta look haha!!

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2004-07-19 21:50 (link)
haha i try i try

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