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Wade Robson (robson) wrote,
@ 2002-11-07 23:23:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:phantom planet, always on my mind

    i need to stop writing like 5 sentences.
    so. last night after reminicing... Justin asked me if i had slept with britney. if i was the reason the relationship between them ended. i couldn't lie. i told him.. and then he started crumbling.. sobbing.. breaking down. so what did i do? i made him hit me. yeah. i'm a fool. but, after forcing him to hit me, he did. and i ain't gonna lie. when his fist connected with my jaw, i wanted to cry. but i didnt. i took it like a man. he looked at me, and had this guilt in his eyes. i made him come to me, and i hugged him, kissed him, held him. we're okay now. and every day he proudly wears my ring. it's funny how we work. but we know eachother. so so well.

    I love him. and christmas can't come soon enough for me.

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please tell me this is a joke
2003-09-06 17:18 (link)
is Wade with Britney or something cuz now i'm really confuesed and, no he cant be, he wont, right?

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Re: please tell me this is a joke...IT IS
2003-11-15 01:18 (link)
This isnt Wade Robson's journal why the hell would he have a personal journal online for the world to see ...HELLO all the fuckin' news journalist would be at this web page asking a billion questions about the britney and justin crap but are they ...NO ..why because it isnt the real WADE

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