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Robin (robinnicole) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 13:34:00
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    So this is my online journal. Please make comments if you like what I say or if you hate what I say, or if you want to say anything to me!! I like getting feedback. So anyways, right now I am at work. It has been probably my least favorite week ever here. It is just so hard to go to work after you have a really great weekend. It's like Monday rolls around and you just want to stay in bed. But this week, the auction starts to close and everyone is totally STRESSED. I can't wait for the actual lots to start closing. The week before that happens is hellish. I don't consider myself a stressed out person, but when my bosses start getting crazy, it stresses me out a little bit. But on the good side of things, tomorrow is Wednesday and then it's the weekend and I will have fun :-D I asked Michael today about if we can get health insurance thru work and he said yes, so I am going to talk to Lisa next and see if she is interested in maybe having a roomate. I wonder if I could live with her without getting annoyed. I am a neat freak and she isn't. I guess as long as you at least make an effort to keep things neat it's okay. How often am I home anyways, really?? Only 2:30pm...It seems like, 6pm is ages away. On a totally different note, this is kind of funny. My phone used to be kind of retarded, like, the back didn't really fit on right. Then I dropped it this weekend and now it fits on perfectly. So my solution for things that don't work (maybe including car cd players??) is to drop them on the ground. I guess that is all for now...

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2003-11-18 14:43 (link)
okay hello i am making a comment or i ll just ask questions if u dont mind. is this ur 1st day using blurty? It is for me.

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2003-11-18 14:45 (link)
wow u soud interested in a lot of things, so where do u live? sorry i shouldn't be asking u this i guess. well anyways u also sound very romantic. comment me.

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