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Riz (rizzy_143) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 22:59:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:The One _ J.Lo

    Umm. yeah...
    hey long time no updates! Well norhin has rally happened lately. Just mostly hung out by myself...
    I was so bored awhile ago I started to read my past entries... ad damn I remember how sad I was...
    Nothins changed... a couple of days ago he told m e was goin out with someone new... at first I wasperfectly fine with it... I was happy fo him but it slowly sank in day after day. I kno I need to get over him... don't worry I'm not as bad as I us to be where I sulked day & night... It's just that I remember it from time to time and it does get depressng... I mean I did LOVE the guy. I don't know anymore... I think I still have love for him but I'm also tryin moving on from it... I'm goin to florida on the 16th... I really need tme away from everything... Nick is suppose to be here by now and we're plannin to hang out on tues. but i'm not really sure if he'll make it. He's cool guy andhas a great sense of humor (no i dont like him that way lol) well thats about it , I'll prob update nxt time... till then love youuu guyz!

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