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Riz (rizzy_143) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 17:23:00
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    Current mood: grateful
    Current music:Dance with me ~ 112

    Last Day of Classes...
    "ayyy me" lol... i can't believe this year went by so quick! It's too depressing to know i wont have everyone in the same class next year! I'm so sad because i saw the bond that was created through out the year between all of us! I don't know how the folowing years are going to turn out but I hope we all still stick as friends! Yes, they say things change throughout High School but I know my love for all of you guys won't. It's by choice anyway, its either you throw away that one skool year you strived to get close with the ppl in you class or you keep it and treasure it forever! I choose to treasure it forever! I can't say all the memories I had with Section o6 but there's just so many! Like the first time I hung out wit messa at burger king b4 our first SDA dance! Haha.. I remember what we were talkin about that day lol... UNFOGGETABLE! OmG! I won't get to be in Chem. and sing songs with everyone and see ms.gwen annoyed!!! Veronica being there for me when I was mummed out at keyboarding! Oli callin me "SHMELLY"! I'm so thankful you girls came into my life, you guys made me a better person just by being friends with me. Haha.. or the BOSTON trip with leela and messa... and calling carebear up while we were there! They're the best ever! Palak and our issuse with men lol... i love oyu palak! Bebop and Charmz making me laugh all the time! You guys are amazing putting up with me lol... To think about it... Section o6 are like the sisterz I've never had... there would be daiz where we have small arguements but we work it out! I love you guys forever and never forget that! ... you guys have to keep in touch! I love you guyz!!!! muahz! I'll miss you guys!!!!

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hmm... I'm gonna miss that.
2003-05-31 08:53 (link)
Messa... its funny how we're sad that we all won't be in the same class next year, as if we're seniors that are going to college. I don't know if the the other sections were the same way as us... or are we that one of a kind section that love each other oh so much?! I'm glad I was put into section o6 because you guys mad my first yr. of HS so memorable (cant spell it lol) Ms.Cavalier said that about you and him?? awww... lol ---- messa we still have next year to see mr.napoli get drunk! But this time its gonna be at virginia!!! WooHoo! And if or when we go I'm still rooming with you and leela... and hopefully carebear can come this time too. I won't forget you either just because of all the things that "happened" that one snow day lol but most of all because you're the bestest friend ever! I love you sooo much! and I'm alwayz here for you!

Mucho Love-o, Izzaray

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