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Kimichi (riskbreaker) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 10:21:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:Everybodys Fool - EVANESCENCE

    Wow, this is a big shocker.
    OMG! I am updating in this thing at last. *thinks* Hasn't it been a year since I made this journal? Wow. I mean like, WOW. WoOooOoW!!! Ok, I'm done there.

    So anyway, I modified the look of this journal and and and it's purdy. The back ground is of Sydney from Vagrant Story. Heh, it makes my journal look all dark and evil looking. Hmmm, I gotta change the icon. God, I must be really BORED. Lately, all I have been doing is changing the layouts of my other journals. I hate having nothing to do, it get's me thinking too much and thinking has only been causing trouble for me.

    Oh yeah, well, I'm stopping here because #1 I'm using this journal for other matters or something. I don't really want to write anything about my personal life so, yeah. YEAH. ::ahem::


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Kick ass.
2003-10-13 00:53 (link)
Kickass layout. ::stares:: I think I have most of your journals now...

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2003-12-30 19:41 (link)
::erm:: Ano... Hello, I have a blurty journal, and I was being bored right? So I go look up people and crap. I wanted to find someone who was most like me. It said you were so I figured it was worth looking into!!
Hajimemashite! ::bows:: Karisusa desu. Dozo yoroshiku.
Yeah, like I said, my name is Karisusa, and it's nice to meet you. If you're alot like me, I'd really like to get to know you!



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Re: eeeermm.....
2003-12-30 21:42 (link)
*GASP* You have a .... Naruto icon *worships* Anywho, hello I'm Kimichi. Nice meeting you. You're welcome to read the journal if you'd like though I haven't updated in the damn in ages ^^; Heh. Chances are I won't be in awhile either since my current journal is on Livejournal.

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