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__Bury this pen - Into my veins__ (ripmy_heartout) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 19:26:00
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    Current mood:anti-all.
    Current music:nothing.

    [[ ugh ]]

    (there was more of this but i thought it was pointless so i didn't include it)
    : school :
    .:.* are you still in school: unfortunately
    .:.* did you drop out: no.duh.
    .:.* favorite grade: kinder, amen for fingerpanting & nap time.
    .:.* least favorite teacher: let's just say I don't have a favorite teacher...
    .:.* least favorite subject: all
    .:.* play any sports on the school's teams: OF COURSE NOT! what, are you insane?
    .:.* do/did you do any extracurricular ativities: (read previous response)
    .:.* most humiliating moment: every day become more humiliating then the one before..
    : favorites :
    .:.* number: 0
    .:.* clothing brand: whatever
    .:.* shoes: converse/vans/whatever
    .:.* saying: i hate you. really i do.
    .:.* tv show: undergrads
    .:.* sport: lazyness
    .:.* vegetable: (skip.skip)
    .:.* fruit: strawberries ._.
    .:.* candy: eek.
    .:.* gum: yes, please.
    .:.* scent: =|
    .:.* candy bar: STOP TALKING about CANDY. damn you.
    .:.* ice cream flavor: mint, with cookie dough.
    .:.* color: black, pink w/ black (pink on it's own sucks), red, dark violet, all shades of grey (specially dark grey..minus light shades that are nearly white)
    .:.* season: summer's too hot..winter's too cold..hmm perhaps autumn? pretty trees with dead lives =)
    .:.* holiday: all..if it means no school.
    .:.* type of music: hxc, emo, screamo, melodic hardcore etc.
    .:.* thing in your room: my room. duh.
    .:.* place to be: anywhere with -him-
    .:.* radio station: kill all radios.
    .:.* tv channel: food network duh =)
    .:.* junk food: yes! munchies. *takes it all and runs*
    .:.* overall food: food :x
    .:.* store: pancho's give away (rotf)
    .:.* fast food: none.
    .:.* restaurant: ahh
    .:.* shape: star
    .:.* time of day: nighttime...when the nyquil fairy comes out of the closet :o)
    .:.* country: not this one.
    .:.* mall: never.
    .:.* video game: well duh, the old school mario game..and and you got to shoot the duckies and yeah..the good old days *sight*
    .:.* shampoo: anything cheap...that smells good ._.
    .:.* board game: ugh.
    .:.* computer game: ...
    .:.* car: food carts are nice =D
    .:.* swear word: fuck (so many connoatations)
    .:.* word: oww
    .:.* month: they all suck.
    .:.* possession: -him-, eyeliner,my music..hell i want it all =( and you can't have it.

    : what's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear :
    .:.* eminem: vomit
    .:.* dog: woof
    .:.* sexy: never
    .:.* britney spears: vomit, eww, pukiness, plasticness, bitchiness, death.
    .:.* real world: fantasy land.
    .:.* orange: peel
    .:.* choice: is this a trick question?
    .:.* fuck: -him- duh.
    .:.* black: night
    .:.* iced: tea
    .:.* bisexual: .
    .:.* jack: and jill
    .:.* rainbow: masturbation (ahh damn max to hell)
    .:.* cherry: verry
    .:.* cucumber: :o
    .:.* shark: eep
    .:.* lifehouse: |=
    .:.* bat: ozzy
    .:.* leather: bondage, handcuffs, yeah whatever.
    .:.* america: needs a new president asap.
    .:.* water: oceans to drown in. =)

    : would you ever :
    .:.* bungee jump: with the rope tightened around my neck? sure.
    .:.* sky dive: it could be a chance to fly |=
    .:.* swim with dolphins: i don't do swiming the end.
    .:.* scuba dive: i have before. which i guess contradicts my "i don't swim" thing but whatever.
    .:.* go rock climbing: too lazy.
    .:.* steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: no
    .:.* lie to your parents: everything i tell them is a lie, enough said.
    .:.* walk up to a stranger and kiss them: uhh
    .:.* walk out of a restaurant without paying: yes

    : have you ever :
    .:.* flashed someone: next
    .:.* told the person you liked how you felt: yes..
    .:.* been to michigan: =\
    .:.* gone to jail or juvi: oh yeah lots of times, they know me by name there..ugh. shut up!
    .:.* skateboarded: yeah
    .:.* skinny dipped: no..
    .:.* pegged someone in the head with a snowball: i haven't even seen real snow, damn you.
    .:.* broke a beer bottle: i hate beer.
    .:.* flipped someone off: i've been photographed doing so |= jerks.
    .:.* been to a concert: yes
    .:.* talked back to an adult: i live for that.
    .:.* got in a car accident: semi-accident.
    .:.* broke a law: he |=
    .:.* given money to a homeless person: let's see the santa claus at the mall whom i donated a penny to did look pretty homeless..but im homeless myself, damn you!
    .:.* tried to kill yourself:
    .:.* cried to get out of trouble: never works.
    .:.* kissed a friend's brother or sister: does kissing a friend count =s
    .:.* dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it neways: duh, tis fun ._.

    : the last :
    .:.* thing you ate: jack in the crak's stuffed jalapenos
    .:.* thing you drank: sprite..does the body good. (screw milk..lactose-intolerant..not really no =S..but still screw milk ._.)
    .:.* thing you wore: jeans, a belt, pink/black vans, red/black striped tee, red zip up hoody, black zip up hoody on top of red one, orange/purple/black striped socks, and underwear duh. and im still cold..damn this weather.
    .:.* place you went: i scooted an inch back with the rolling chair. it was fun and amussing i love it. i want to do it again *does it* yes fun =)
    .:.* thing you got pierced/tattooed: i don't know whats it a stud under my bottom lip (right side)
    .:.* person you saw: steven
    .:.* person you kissed: does a plush count..
    .:.* person you hugged: (see previous answer)
    .:.* person you talked to: steven (he's also the last person i punched kicked in the jimmies, scratched, argues with etc)
    .:.* song you heard: thrice- to awake and avenge the dead.

    : yes or no :
    .:.* are you a vegetarian: no..but im putting some serious thought into it.
    .:.* do you like cows: yes =) their merring is quiet annoying though.
    .:.* are you a bitch: fuck you.
    .:.* are you artistic: people think so..
    .:.* do you write poetry: i wouldn't call it 'poetic' but yeah i write..occasionally.
    .:.* can you ski: no
    .:.* are you british: uhh if i root way back i might. but really who gives a fuck.
    .:.* do you want to spear britney: you don't need to ask me twice..i'd like to spear more then one brit..and if you ask one more britney spears question i will spear your ass as well.
    .:.* do the voices talk to you: oh yes we have lovely long distance conversations.
    .:.* did you ever give barbie a haircut: i attempted to..but i ended up just pulling her whole head off..twas fun ^-^
    .:.* would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: umm mc & cheese.
    .:.* do you think disney creators were on acid when they made 'alice in wonderland': no, but i think you were on acid when you made this stupid thing.
    .:.* are you straight: i bend in many many shapes. but yes i like boys ._.
    .:.* are you stupid? insane? mentally disturbed?: all of the above.
    .:.* are you old: i refuse to grow up
    .:.* are you short: yes ._.
    .:.* are you tall: no duh.
    .:.* do you own a hot pink shirt: no..
    .:.* how about yellow pants: and be a walking egg yolk? screw you.
    .:.* can you see the flying monkeys: i've joined ther flight a few times.
    .:.* are you evil: =D
    .:.* did you ever know someone who had a mullet: ? yes..=S
    .:.* is britney a whore: well duh.*puts a spear through your heart* a promise is a promise..i said no more god-damned-britney-spear-questions!!
    .:.* are you a typical teenager: what is 'typical'?
    .:.* do you like marilyn manson: :x..he's way of not giving fuck yes..his music not quiet.
    .:.* are you secretly from another planet: you should know that by now.

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2003-11-26 23:53 (link)
i fill out a lot of those survery's when i'm bored.


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2003-11-27 00:24 (link)
oh i know! i did it cause i was took me forever to type everything up..but im just very lazy >_< some of the things they ask are lame though |=
tty later tj!

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