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DopeSickGirl (riotgirl216) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 13:50:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:the Oi! scouts-OI! punx

    You're a MODEL.
    You most likely have an eating disorder, but men
    and women seem to adore those pencil-thin
    limbs, and paper-like stomach.
    You have a memorable face, but there's really
    nothing else about you that's so great aside
    from your looks. You're basically the cause
    your fans get eating disorders as well, bitch!
    Maybe you should put on less eyeliner, and more
    weight before you just disappear.

    Which female sex symbol are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    whoa...scary cuz its not beliemic or anorexic..but yeah

    Name: heather
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 135
    Shoe size: 8
    Hair Color: Currently black
    Eye Color: brown
    Female/Male: Chick
    Song relates to you the most: lordy lordy-the distillers
    Person who relates to you the most: rachel..i think...

    *~Yes Or No~*

    Do you drink: yeah
    Do you smoke: no
    Do you do drugs: more..but occasionaly
    Are you in High School: Yes
    Have you had sex: yes
    Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend: of course not :-/
    Do you live with your Parents: Yes
    Do you get along with your Parents: at points
    Sisters: Yes
    Brothers: Yes
    Do you go to shows: Yes
    Pets: Yes
    Piercings: Yes
    Tattoos: No
    More then One computer: Yes
    A best friend: Yes


    Who's your favorite out of the family: um
    Who's the oldest: step dad..
    Who's the youngest: my sister taylor
    How many people are in your family: uhm who live with me now...3..used to be 6..
    Has any of your family members left or moved on: yeah
    Died: No
    Do you do family things with your family: No
    Go out on weekends: Na
    Talk alot with eachother:no way
    Who do you talk to most in your family: i guess mom
    Do you have any Step parents: yes 1 dad
    Step Brothers or Sisters: Yes 2 Brothers, 1 sister
    Last family vacation you went on: like in hunington was a vacation for them..cuz i kinda always used to go there

    ~*Your Favorite*~

    Movie: Spun, reqrium for a dream, slc punk..and on and on...
    Favorite type of Movies: mostly comedy
    Color: blue, black pink...purple
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: blue
    Concert youve been to: def. goldfinger..
    Friend(s): uhm rachel, adrianna, courtnee, jim...and brooke :)
    Day: Saturday and Friday
    Type of Scene: Punk/ Rockabilly
    Type of Music: Punk, Rockabilly,
    Band(s): Misfits, the casualties, rancid, the distillers, hole, the u kno the drill..
    Type of Shoes: Creepers or converse
    Type of Make up (if your a girl): Mac
    Cd(s): the casualties-die hards
    Place to go: Shows
    Place to sleep: My bed
    Place to eat: anywhere that has a good ceaser salad..
    Cartoon: Hey Arnold
    Tv show: Even Stevens, Sister sister,lizzie mcguire, Blind date, The Price is right, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones... etc lol so what i love the disney channell
    Sport: dude blah
    Actor: sean william scott
    Actress: brittney murphy :)
    Holiday: Christams/Halloween
    Childhood Cartoon: Dubble dare, Fraggle rock, Rocko's morden life
    Food: Italian/ mexican/chinease
    Website to go to:

    ~* If you*~

    Had 100,000 what would you buy: everything that i wanted..and a bunch o stuff for my friends :)
    Could date anyone Famous who would it be: ahh this is hard...JOEL MADDEN
    Could move anywhere where would it be:Ny, San Francisco, LA
    Could have any car which one would you pick: Saleen Mustang, 66 mustang/ chevelle, or nova...
    Could be anything, What would you be: In a band or professional piercer...or clothing designer
    Could be any age what would you be: 21 for ever
    If you had to pick Friends or Family who would you pick: friends
    If you could Be any famous person who would you be: brody (from the distillers) i heart her
    If you can be in any band which band would it be: the casualties

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