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DopeSickGirl (riotgirl216) wrote,
@ 2003-08-12 23:04:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:cheap sex-take a chance

    hey goes it? yea rachel went home today...geesh she got to see chris lol..but i want to do my hair in liberty spikes.i have to get it cut shorter...and them im guna try it...i want them like brody has in the "young crazed peeling" video..its so awsome..but yeah so today me and jim planned to see each other but of course it didnt work out lol my luck...geesh :( next time tho...but besides


    there is sum sexy pix of sid :-D geesh lol i miss him (all acting like i know him) but still...geez...

    Born As: John Beverly
    Date of Birth: May 10, 1957
    Birth Place: London, England
    Date of Death: February 2, 1979 (heroin overdose)
    Death Place: New York, New York

    theres a tad bit o' info for all u people that dont know who he uh
    well im guna go im talking to adrianna so thats awsome...buyy bye :-D

    Kinky and fun, you know how to scream and you sure know how to have one hell of a party!! And one hell of a night . . .
    Congratulations! You're a screaming orgasm!!

    What Drink Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    ^ whoo hoo lol

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2003-08-14 00:21 (link)
sexy icon. yeah i want liberty spikes as well. but people keep telling me they cant see me with them. they say go for the dread look again. but thats so like old. haha im here telling you my life story. anyway. i just wanted to say i love youre icon and yeah. later homie =)

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2003-08-14 00:55 (link)
o its cool lol i like reading ur comments...yea liberty spikes are awsome...i like dreds..i remember i was guna do my hair like that with a pink or sumthing that would be cool...hmmmm it a cool icon lol haha brody is sexy (not les) lol ok bye

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