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Asleep At The Wheel (riotgcgirl) wrote,
@ 2005-03-15 15:49:00
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    Current mood: bitchy

    school was okay. did all my bio homework for the week. started my way overdue dbq essay. stayed period j so i get an automatic 65 on my global test. um yea.ANOTHER project for art. what the fuck. these god damn brudahaofs! shes starts another project when someone finishes the last one, and the original 5 peopel in that class arent even done with the first one which were on now our 3rd! so fucking pathedic. mark's band asked for between $150-$200 to play at my party....... and there kinda local... and i kinda know mark... and whatever. if i was in a bnad... i would so not ask for that much. that's insane. we only settled on $200 for Perfect Endings becasue there coming 3 hours to play for a "private" thing. you know. whatever. and mark said they normally ask for more... puh. if you really lvoe what your doing... you'd so not ask for that much. that's ccrazy. and his band is playing at the spinng room saturday and he asked to stop by so... if i find a "freind" who wants to come with me then sure.

    anyway. i was on the five towns collage website.. and found out that your SAT score doesnt really count in getting acccepted so score! but your grades and class rank do. which i dont understand the class rank thing casue what if theres a lot of smart people in your class.. like above average. thats crap.

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