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Patricia Anne Stratigas Moore (trishstratusrr) wrote in ringratsexstory,
@ 2003-01-14 20:20:00
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    I never really post in here but I just felt the need to...

    Shannon and I have not really seen much of each other these days. He is working all the time and I.. I am just getting bigger by the minute. *sighs a little* So we actually got to spend some time together last night. We just started talking and he got to feel the baby move. A little Shannon. He is rather excited about it.

    We laid down on the bed and he got to see him move. We were just laying there talking about everything. Lately I guess you can say we have really been together been together. Maybe for fear of something happening to the baby or something. But last night I could not help it. I could not take it anymore. I started kissing him. At first he was so worried but I assumed him it was fine. He was very slow at first taking his time. But honestly when you are in that position you don't want it to go slow. Finally he picked up the pace and I moved with him. Let me tell you it was the best ever. Not that Shannon is not the best all the time but *smiles and blushes*

    I love him more than anything. He knows that which makes me happy.

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