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Shannon Moore (shanny_uj) wrote in ringratsexstory,
@ 2003-01-17 14:10:00
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    Current mood: crazy

    Who said changing lightbulbs cant be fun?

    Trish and I have taken it upon ourselves to make sure all lightbulbs work at every party. Take Truth or Dare for example. Im not saying that I dont love everyones company, but when I know that there is a blown out light bulb around Im all over it. Trish and I find it very important to make sure we lock the door behind us when ever we enter a room with dead light bulbs. Things tend to get heated up when we get to work, so we dont want people walking in on us when we are all hot and sweaty. Mmm, boy does it get hot in there. So hot that we some how end up partially or all the way naked. So, whats a man and a woman to do in this kind of situation? We get down to buisness. We go at it.... We Change that light bulb... We make sure its changed over and over again, because well... it tends to blow more than once. Its a very tireing, yet rewarding job, that someone has to do. And luckily for all you guys Trish and I are there to do it.

    So if there is ever a light bulb that has gone out in your home, give the Moores a call, and we will fix it the right way.

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2003-01-17 17:24 (link)
Thats my boy! Im so proud. *laughs*

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2003-01-17 20:19 (link)
Aww, thanks dad.

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2003-01-17 18:24 (link)
Umm yeah. I think we have few of those blown in our own house.

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2003-01-17 20:20 (link)
I think we do too...

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2003-01-18 01:54 (link)
Yes they really need to be fixed.

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