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Paul Levesque (the_game_hhh) wrote in ringratsexstory,
@ 2003-01-17 01:27:00
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    Current mood:drained
    Current music:Stephanie sleeping.

    What a NIGHT~
    Here we go.. Hunter's time to post...

    Since Tuesday night things have been a little on what you say on the wild side. You see after the spanking that I recieved from her, I figured that I had the right to pay her back and I did that. But she thought it was too much. So tonight I walked into the living room. Just smirking and stutting about like the cocky prick that I am. Stephanie looked at me. She told me that it was only fair that she got to hit me. I didn't mind so I laid down on the couch for her. Have any of you ever have a women standing above you ready to crack you a good one? It is quite nice. She smacked me the two times that she owed me and moved in front of me. I looked at her nearly begging her. Stephanie always knows what I want but she likes to play games. She likes me to beg for what I want. I ended up rolling over and she took off everything before straddling me. That women can make any man nuts especially how she looked her hands on me propping herself up and me not being about to move to get inside her. She drove me absolutely wild. Finally after a little bit of begging she finally slide down on me. I swear the entire time I was pushing so hard into her.

    I am not a gently person while I am having sex. With her I try to be but I kept sliding in and out of her my thrust getting harder with each movement. The sounds that Stephanie makes as she are inside her are quiet amazing. She whimpers and moans.. Enough to send chills through your spine. I moved up slowly so that I could lay Stephanie back and give her the full game treatment. I laided her gently back not taking a chance to slide out of her. Once I got her where I knew I had control I started pounding her. The noises sent me into a tailspin. I was slamming into her so hard. And she was screaming for more. So I pounded harder and deeper and kissed her.

    She called out my name more times then I can ever tell you. I plan on getting a little bit of that every night.

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