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Rilez (rileysreality05) wrote,
@ 2005-06-15 23:36:00
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    Current mood: tired

    havent writtin in a while, my fault... i've been grounded!

    i gotta get up really early tomorrow :-\

    thats gunna suck!! im not an a.m person... alotta girls should know lmao jk

    what happened today?? nothing... havent talked to PEOPLE today! mad lol not really just bored

    i gotta get up REALLY early.... so im gunna go lay down & sleep

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2005-06-17 17:20 (link)
RILEY!!! where the heck are you?! i miss you!! you better get on soon or im gunna go crazy!!!

loveyoulots my special hott friend!!

-- jenny --

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2005-07-01 20:50 (link)
you know what. i think this is stupid. all of it. and if i was the only one it would be different. but you know what!! im not the only one. how come everyone who is associated with mill creek ends up liking jenny. this has not just happened once but it has happend like lets see everytime! with travis. oh my gosh he changed so freaking much. he went from a NICE person to a person who all he cared about was jenny. and then lagun. after they dated lets see 4 times. he finially got it. shes not all she is cracked up to be. and dont even get me started on you riley. i thought you "loved" holly. i guess not. because as soon as you start talking to jenny. you fall in so called love with her. yall have no idea what love is. how can every guy from mill creek or any guy friends with a mill creek person is PERFECT for jenny. because i know when she didnt know you riley, you were one of the NICEIST guys i knew. and you are still nice. but why change everything just for her. i mean if you want her to like you be your self. let her like you for who you are. not what she wants you to be. i dont want you to get mad for this. but i will understand if you do i just want you to know. that she WILL break your heart, and she WILL lead you to bad things. like everyother guy she has dated... <3 someone who USED to care

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2005-06-20 04:13 (link)
gosh i miss the hell out of you
and its only been a couple days :(
what am i gunna do
i heard your grounded
for a REALLY long time :( :( :(


* jenny

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