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Rilez (rileysreality05) wrote,
@ 2005-06-13 16:05:00
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    Current mood: amused

    talked to jenny today...she's gunna send me her link of what she thinks about me:-) her new hott special friend lol but thats when she gets home from the mall, idk what that'll be either.

    travis and jenny should date!
    he wants them to
    she wants them to
    i want them to (i think) :-\

    travis understands me and gets where im headed with all of this! im just sorry for having the same feelings as him for that one person... well, not as much feelings, so just not gunna mess with anything! i dont wanna screw anything up for them... or holly! im just going to sit back, and relax! & not get in the way of anything!

    gunna go watch a movie with my neice...waiting for my bro to get back from some place, he wants his u-kno-what peirced lol ew sick! k cya

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hey special hott friend
2005-06-13 23:36 (link)
betcha cant guess who i am lol! i think its really cool that ya like me.. you're awesome.... DEFINATLEY some day in the future!

love ya lots!

i'd say more but im being rushed.. so ill write again tomorrow!

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