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Rose (rifterstarfish) wrote,
@ 2004-10-03 13:37:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:"Sweet Sangria" Tori Amos

    Weekends are so bittersweet
    So it's Sunday and time for me to do some work. But here's my weekend;

    (Warning: I am feeling lazy so some forms of grammar may be abandoned. But I was ALWAYS do an elipse correctly (haha diane)). Friday (after collapsing from exhaustion from a very stressful week which was finally over) I went out to the mall with 'rica and diane and jon (who we picked up in chase and forced to come with us). The mall was chill. I got some cool stuff like a hat and some mad cheap jewelry. Then my friends came back here and I was tired but I wanted to hang out with them so I stayed up and played kings with them. Then saturday I spent some time playing myst with paul in the morning, followed by an attempt at work, then a WONDERFUL dinner chuck and kell cooked for me paul steve and maggie. And chuck told us some mad funny stories about his life back home and his dad. At that point I realized doing work was futile so I gave into the college saturday night atmosphere. I watched some xfiles with caroline which was really fun and then I went to a "white trash" party. (Ok, not very PC but oh well). I went b/c a few of my friends really seemed to want me there, and it ended up being really fun. I dressed in katy's wife beater and ripped jeans and made myself look pregnant and stuck a condom into my bra strap. So I was on my way to the party (not is full getup yet) and I mentioned to someone in my hall where I was heading and this girl who is sorta kinda friends with erica says "Oh they white trash party was last night." And I was like, "Well there's another one tongiht." Ans she's like "Where is it??" (Like she didnt believe me or something). And I was like, "It's invite only." And she says, "Where is it??" And I said "It's invite only, so I don't think I should say." I wasn't gonna go about proving I was actually going to a party that existed. So I thought that was kinda weird but I let it slide and went to the party. I slept over pauls after the party (we played a good hour and a half of myst again), and then when I woke up I went to chase by myself (cause paul left to go to kind richard's faire). I was still in my white trash clothes lol. I ran into the same girl again and I had temporarily forgotten how she was kinda weird the night before. I thought she was eating alone and she is usually friendly so I thought she might want some company. So I asked her if I could sit with her and she said that was fine but she was kinda scowling. So I put my stuff down and then realized there was another plate next to hers and so she hadn't been alone. So I went to get my food (eggs without hair yum) and went to sit down. The moment I started walking to the table the girl got up and I guess she met her friend who must've been behind me. I went to sit at the table but she stood there whispering in her friend's ear. I got the distinct feeling I wasn't wanted there. Her friend came and sat down while the girl went somewhere else. Her friend didn't even look at me. Then the girl came back and sat in silence. I was sitting staring at my food, very uncomfortable, in my white trash clothes nonetheless (probably with leftover makeup smeared on my face). I decided I didn't want to eat with this girl and so I got up like I was going to get something else to eat, figuring I'd just say I ran into a friend and was gonna move. Luckily I DID run into this guiy named nick who was at the party last night and is always fun to talk to so I went back to the table and got my plate. "Oh, you're leaving?" She asked, very dissapointed sounding. "Yeah I found a friend and he wants to sit with me," I said and left, very releived.

    I swear, some people just have no people skills. If you're gonna let someone sit with you you don't like (instead of politely telling you you're hyaivng a private conversation or something) then at least don't make it OBVIOUS you don't want the person there, but then pretend you don't want them to leave. Grr!

    Anyways, that was my little anectdote for this weekend.


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