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Ric (ric) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 22:52:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:-

    quiz i stole from ashley
    [ Current Mood ] one of those weird ones where ya cant stop laughing, kinda like yer high but i didnt moke anything cause i dont do that hah
    [ Current Music ] remeberin never - feathers in heaven
    [ Current Taste ] nothing
    [ Current Make-up ] um
    [ Current Hair ] long, however it looks, i dunno you tell me
    [ Current Annoyance ] that missing rip in my chest, GR
    [ Current Smell ] well i didnt just fart and im not a coloiegn wearin man
    [ Current Favorite Artist ] everytime i die, burnt by the sun, evergreen terrace, shai hulud
    [ Current Desktop Picture ] some realy fat red cat with a cap on and it looks like its flying
    [ Current Favorite Group ] didnt you just ask me that
    [ Current Book you're reading ] timeline
    [ Current CD in CD Player] mp3
    [ Current Color Of Toenails ] WHITE
    [ Current Refreshment ] the point that i cant stop laughing
    [ Current Worry ] i might have a rip missing, my poor poor lungs:(

    [ You Touched ] um, probly matt? i dont remember
    [ You Talked to ] mike
    [ You Hugged ] i think brian
    [ You Instant messaged ] mike, you ask alot of the same fucking quesitons
    [ You Yelled At ] yelling is bad, my mom..
    [ You Kissed ] um, dont remember thats been awhile hah, SHUT UP NO BODY LIKES ME

    [ Food ] blonde ziti, pizza, or chinese food
    [ Color ] black green white orange yellow pink red blue grey marron silver gold bronze fire, their all the same
    [ Album ] everytime i die :: hot DAMn ::
    [ Shoes ] MY ETNIES YO
    [ Candy ] those sour strips, i dont know what there called but they are sooooooooooogooooooood
    [ TV Show ] whatever is on the science channel:D ITS SHARK WEEK
    [ Movie ] hmmmmm, i dunno pirates of the carribien is realllllly good, but if i say that people wil be like what the hell.. so idddddd have to sayyyyyyyyyy the goonies
    [ Dance ] YOU KNOW HOW I DANCE!
    [ Song ] everytime i die : the whole fucking hot damn cd : evergreen terrace :: no donnie.. these mean are NIHLISTS and look up at the stars and your gone:: shai hulud ::for the world, love is the fall of every man, beyond man, beleifs and obsessions, a profound haterd of man:: andrew wk :: party hard, girls own love, i love NYC:: burnt by the sun :: you will move, shooter mcgavin*< fav song, don knotts:: zao :: the dreams that dont come true, the race of standing still, trash can hands, tool to scream, at zero:: norma jean ::face,face , a shootgun message:: that was alot to bad im not lying hah
    [ Vegetable ] broccli
    [ Fruit ] BANANANA
    [ Cartoon ] anime? HM! the "X" seirse.. beserker.. dbz (dont laugh).. bevis and butthead.. alot of other stuff you people dont know of hah

    ARE YOU...
    [ Understanding ] yea
    [ Open-minded ] sure
    [ Arrogant ] if i said no i was just prove myself wrong, but if i say yes im a lyer
    [ Insecure ] nope not anymore
    [ Interesting ] if you want me to be;)
    [ Random ] i bet you thought i was going to say something stupid, and you thought if i didnt that i would make a speech about how i was going to but i already knew that and i didnt want to be stupid, but yes I CAN BE RANDOM..
    [ Hungry ] banana
    [ Friendly ] if your nice to me, dont be a dick
    [ Moody ] SHUT THE FUCK UP
    [ Childish ] yea
    [ Independent ] hah I WiSh
    [ Hard working ] yea
    [ Organized ] no
    [ Emotionally Stable ] :)
    [ Difficult ] difficult? what kind of difficult?
    [ Attractive ] hah i was asked to be a model once from some lady, i dont know if that means anything
    [ Bored Easily ] nah not usually
    [ Messy ] you should see my room
    [ Thirsty ] yea but yea
    [ Responsible ] no
    [ Obsessed ] no
    [ Angry ] sometimes
    [ Sad ] everybody gets like that
    [ Happy ] :)
    [ Hyper ] YEA
    [ Trusting ] it matters who your putting the trust into because you can never trust an honiest person:)
    [ Talkative ] if you get me goin

    [ Kill ] you
    [ Slap ] you
    [ Get Really Wasted With ] dj and ricky
    [ Get High With ] dj and ricky
    [ Look Like ] i dont care what i look like, and its not like im gonna care that you care what i look like:)
    [ Talk To Offline ] alot of people
    [ Talk To Online ] alot of people
    [ Worst question to ask] thats not a good "who do you want to.." question, so i would have to say this one you dumb mother fucker
    [ worst answer to question] wow you still go at it

    -W H O-
    [makes u laugh the most?] jack dj ricky andthis guy i saw on tv
    [makes you smile] anybody who talks to me, or has ever been there for me as a friend
    [gives u a funny feeling when u see them] ..
    [who do you have a crush on?] i can only wish i had a crush on somebody hah, sometimes i think im ment to be alone!
    [has a crush on u?] no body
    [is easiest to talk to] no bodys hard to talk to, people are people

    -D O. Y O U .E V E R-
    [sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M. 1ou?] nah
    [save aol/aim conversations] only if im on aim+
    [Wish u were a member of the opposite sex] HAHAHAHHA YEA! sometimes.. NO
    [cried because of someone saying something to you] nah if they say somethin nasty fuck them i dont need there cocky attitude

    -H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
    [fallen for your best friend] ..
    [been rejected] ....
    [rejected someone] ...
    [used someone] for what?!
    [been cheated on] nah
    [done something you regret] sure

    -D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
    [smoke cigarettes] ew, no
    [obsessive] no
    [could u live without the computer?] yea
    [color ur hair] i did once
    [ever get off the damn computer] yea
    [habla espanol] i passed spanish one, barly
    [how many peeps are on ur buddylist?] 0, i dont talk to candy
    [drink alchohol?] nah
    [like watching sunrises or sunset] jkodfnhoae45 what the fuck
    [what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain] physical pain, its not like when im emotional hurt someone goes in my head and beats on my brain and i get hurt, so thats another stupid questions, you should give up on this.

    -N U M B E R-
    of times I have had my heart broken?: hahah wow your mellow dramtic, im sorry but if someone i liked doesnt like me, i move on, hell i gave up on that stuff. most of the time it brings more pain then anything. and kiddies now a days make such a big fucking deal about it, i hate it
    of hearts I have broken?: again
    of guys I have kissed?: uh
    of girls I have kissed?: 2 or 3? eh.. so what
    of tight friends?: 1
    of cd's that I own?: cuple
    of scars on my body?: acouple
    of things in my past that I regret?: lets see about 4

    I KNOW: 1+1=2
    I HAVE: 5 fingers 5 toes 2 eyes 1 nose 1 mouth 2 ears 2 arms 2 legs and 1 heart
    I WISH: alot of stuff
    I HATE: when you get cramps in your legs from sitting around to long
    I MISS: knowing what i was doing
    I HEAR: noise
    I SEARCH: for new music artists that dont suck!
    I WONDER: when ill die
    I REGRET: stuff i did
    I LOVE: anything that loves me !
    I ACHE: my leg hurts
    I CARE: bears!
    I ALWAYS: my leg hurts
    I AM NOT: my leg hurts
    I DANCE: ALOT my leg hurts
    I SING: whenever i can
    I CRY: my leg hurts:'(
    I DO NOT ALWAYS: my leg hurts
    I FIGHT: *punchs leg*
    I WRITE: that my leg hurts
    I WIN: whenever i play jack at killer instinct
    I CONFUSE: small animals
    I LISTEN: music
    I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: mastic, shirley, my house, center, jacks house, cambodia
    I NEED: a new guitar and for my leg to stop hruting and somebody to like:(
    I AM HAPPY: you bet i am
    I SHOULD HAVE: a new gutiar!


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