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Darkness (rhys_landale) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 21:49:00
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    Current mood:pleased

    Whoa. Heh sorry it has been awhile since I last updated. *yawns* Uggh, I have been kinda busy. I got back to the house maybe 3 weeks ago after wandering across the states and then Euro and the the states again for awhile. Finaly I got home sick and came back. For 2 weeks I pretty much had the house to myself and I spent alot of time improving my lab and a few bounty runs for some quick cash. Wendy got home from her families a week ago and we have been spending most of our time enjoying the relative emptiness of the house. Since she got back we have spent a lot of time working on my lab or planting a garden in the back yard during the day. Then at night we go out dancing or partying for most of the night. Wendy gets maybe 4 hours of sleep a night and I have been running on no sleep for 3 days now. Heh... luckaly being a vampire I can take that... I just means I need to drink more of my serum to keep my energy levels... plus the occational real blood boost Wendy lets me have. ^_~. I am problay going to crash hard in a few days and sleep for a day or so... but that is then not now. Ooohh... I could use some excedrin for my head right now though... I probaly drank to much last night... atleast we are taking a break tonight and staying in to watch a movie.
    Kat and X are still here but they tend to keep to themselves most of the time. I am starting to miss Celes and Kyra right now though. It is also really quite with out DS or Seph around. Strangly enough my luck has been pretty good ... I havent burst into flames or been attacked by random forest creatures in nearly 2 months now... I DID get caught in an explosion in my lab yesterday... but that was just a normal explosion... I do not think my typical bad luck had anything to do with it. Maybe my bad luck just needs enough witnesses for it to act up... oi. *sighs* Anyways, I think I am just going to go back to playing Kotor until Wendy gets back home with the movie. Toodles.

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