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Darkness (rhys_landale) wrote,
@ 2003-05-18 02:22:00
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    Current mood:chipper
    Current music:Go Monkey Go - Devo .... dont ask.

    Oh man... what a night. First my girlfriend is suffering from... a ... well I wont go into that but her body temperature was out of control which accualy caused her arms to burst into flames... I hate it when this happens... she is never hurt by these flames... they seem to be magical. I have never had a chance to study them... she wont let me ... but she tends to get very hot and that makes her very... edgy at times... Next thing I know she pounces on me and is all hyper... To make maters MORE confusing I find that Kyra accidently swapped bodies with Wendy... and Kyra SEEMS to have had some sort of crush on me... Which was... ackward considering I am her Uncle... well not her real uncle but DS and my sister DID adopt her... I think it is just a harmless crush though... probaly because I saved her from death... *smiles* Tomarrow I will just have a talk with her and I am sure everything will be fine. I am looking foward to being the cool uncle too. ^_^ I have never had a niece before. All the fun of having a kid... with none of the respociblities. Hehe. Celes tells me that DS is going to get her into a local High school too. That will be interesting. I didnt have the best experiance in High school myself... but I am sure she will be fine. And if not she always has any one of us to turn too! Her mother... her dad... Me. *yawns* I am off now. I think I am just going to play some more Castlevania AoS ... already beat it... but I am playing thru it in Hard mode now. Late.

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