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MeAgHaN (rhinochild) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 17:06:00
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    today fucking sucked ok. life is gay. i did spend the whole day tt monique on the phone, that was a plus. but i had to pick up dog shit all over the yard, then my dad started yelling at me and putting the guilt trip on me because i wanted my sister to turn her gay ass music off. then i did the dishes to be a good little kid, but then i got yelled at becasue i was on the phone too long, when i didnt even call any1 long distance, ya know fuck it u all can kiss my ass!

    *my heart has been cut out, dropped, and stepped on and im barely here at all.....

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yo homie G its K8 Marsh
2003-12-07 14:22 (link)

U have an interesting life...cuz u know i dont get 2 tt u all the much cuz we r in different school:-( its kinda sad but i tt u on the phone about a week ago...but not much updates but this updated me yes well u see next year will be fun again when we r in the same shoooooooooooollll woohoooo okay well i dont rele know wat 2 write cept hope ur life is going goood
<3Kate Marsh

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