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Rob Freund (rfreund) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 15:53:00
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    Current mood:Chilly
    Current music:...the History Channel isn't music...

    Another Day....
    Another journal entry from Tiff. So you know what that means, another for me to write. Yes, I like to keep up with her because in my never-ending quest to be a typical male, I must not fall behind or be defeated in any area. This journal being one of them. Ah, wonderful society.

    Well, as you know that was a load of bull. But anyway...if I were that kind of ultra-masculine "I must be #1 at everything" guy, I'd probably have ripped my hair out already. Why? Well it's simple.

    Tiffany beats my sorry ass in Yahoo Games.

    Yahoo Games as in the games you play on Yahoo. Primarily, we play Word Racer and Literati. Now, way back when I remember I could beat her in both of those games. Yeah, I would go and beat her in Literati and Word Racer and probably have my ego pumped (though checkers has always been a different story, more on that later).

    Lately, however, she has been whooping me in both these games. Now, I'm not (much of) a sore loser, but it scares me sometimes how good she's gotten. In word racer, she regularly defeats me by 300-500 points, whereas when I beat her it's by a margin of no more than 100 on average. Eek. She finds approximately 3 words for every 1 word I get. And in Literati (basically a rip-off of scrabble) she also has been owning me, sometimes beating my score by 60+ points. But oh well, I don't mind losing. It doesn't do me any harm, as I said. I'm not (much of) a sore loser. I know how to lose and still have fun, hehe.

    In checkers, record against her is at this point probably a remarkable 5-25. She's been slaughtering me in checkers ever since the first day we played. Why, I remember in one game I had about 6 pieces left, she had 2. She won. Yes, she won. Even when it was 1 of her pieces against about 4 of mine, she WON. Now if that's not sad on my part, I don't know what is. I really do make careless mistakes in that game...all the time. But hey, I can admit it. She's a helluva lot better than me in checkers.

    She's also better than me in Diablo 2. Her Assassin character whooped my druid character in approximately 7.5 "pets" (probably about 5 wolves and a raven or two) were annihilated in .5 seconds. Ah well, I don't mind it since that was the only time she wasn't in my party, and it was all in good fun. Still, my druid seems soooooooo crappy compared to her assassin.

    Heh, that's all I'm whine about today I suppose. Another boring school day has gone by...the only interesting part of which was spent chatting with my sister in studyhall about our family...who pisses us off and who doesn't, making fun of a few people, etc. Perhaps more tomorrow, eh? We'll see...

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2003-06-02 16:15 (link)
Don't even go there, mister. You win just as many games in literati that I do. It just depends on what letters you get and how the words are set up on the board. And when we do play, it's ALWAYS (99.5% of the time anyway) a very close game.

Checkers...yes *wipes her nails on her shirt* I am a pro. lol Only kidding. But you know I love ya!

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