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Angie (rfangel4eva) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 20:00:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:Rascal Flatts 1st CD

    Ok, this is my very 1st entry! whoo hoo!!!

    but anyhoo!! Emerson Drive just preformed on the Grand Ol' Opry. it's their 1st Fan Fair. they're awesome. too bad they're fallin apart. *tear* if they do fall apart, i really hope that Brad goes solo or somethin cuz he's got an amazing voice! not to mention he's SEXY!! LOL!!! ^_^ i'll *try* to behave now....YEA RIGHT!!!! LOL!!!!

    20 days until we go to NC for vacation. we might be moving there. it depends on if daddy gets the preachin job at the church thats lookin for a pastor. i'm kinda happy about it, and kinda sad. its all in the Lord's hands and i'll just pray about it and ask Him to see us down the right path. thats all we CAN do, really! but back to vacation, i get to meet Liz while we're there. i'm really excited about that.

    and OMG!!! i just looked inside the American Profile that came w/ the newspaper and there on the very 1st page on the inside was none other than RASCAL FLATTS!!!!! LOL!!! i sqealed. my parents thought i los my mind, but hey...its MY mean, so i'm happy! LOL!!!!

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