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Reusair (reusair) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 00:38:00
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    Current mood: enthralled

    I just beat the 10th terran mission last night, and I'm still super enthralled about it. I'd explain what I did, except that I'm MORE enthralled by having beaten the first 6 zerg missions today. Man, Infested Kerrigan is so strong. The 5th zerg mission is an "installation" mission; meaning your party infiltrates an enemy installation with a limited number of units and proceeds to some goal marker. In this case, I start with about 6 zerglings, 2 hunter killers (suped-up hydralisks), and Kerrigan. Within the first 5 minutes, I had lost all of my zerglings. a few minutes after that, one of my hunter killers bit the dust, and the other was badly injured. I picked up a few more zerglings halfway through the level, but no sooner do I round the nearest bend than a handful of marines wastes them all. Kerrigan's cloaking ability is what saved me through to the end, especially against that final batch of 5 ghosts. Man, I love Starcraft. After I beat it (and Brood War), I'm going to get the Red Alert battlechest... 5 games for twenty dollars!

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2004-02-13 11:46 (link)
What ones are the 10th Terran mission and the 5th Zerg mission again? I haven't played that game in a a couple months now.

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2004-02-13 14:21 (link)
The 10th terran mission is the one in which you begin with a base of buildings in the lower righthand corner of the map; engulfing the entire left side of the map are enemy red terrans, and covering the upper-right side is enemy white terrans. A special structure called the Ion Cannon resides at the upper-left corner (As far away from my base as possible, of course). It must be destroyed to win the mission.
The 5th zerg mission is as my post describes; the objective is to recover some informational data on the confederate ghost projects so that Kerrigan can unlock her full powers. After this mission, she gains the ability to use the psionic storm ability.
All this talk is inspiring me; I think I'll go play online soon. It'll be my first online game, actually. Do you ever play online?

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Re: Starcraft
2004-02-13 14:23 (link)
Not anymore.. I don't generally find myself play SC at all lately. Like my other comment says, it's been a while since I've played. But the last... I'd guess 2 months of my normal SC gameplay was online.

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