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kat (retroxstar) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 18:42:00
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2004-02-12 17:46 (link)
im in the same place you are... and i havnt even realized who my real friends are yet... i have so many insecurties that i dirve my self insane.. and im glad i have a best friend like you to talk with... im glad that i have you to do things with.... things that other people would consider strange.. but we consider a part of life... if u ever need ANYTHING.. ANYTHING at all... ill get it for you... ill be here for you... i ALWAYS will.. and im glad were becoming close again.. because i really need a friend like u right now.. i really need a best friend like u... i think you perfect the way you are... and frankly... if your so called friends dont like they way you are.. and are changing you.. well... dont let them.. think for your self.. be your self.. dont let them change you kat.. you are your own person.. never forget that... your beatufil kat... your blessed with beauty... and you a very lucky girl... im here for u if u need a shoulder to cry on.. if u ever want to go for a walk and just talk about everything.... ill be here... anytime... anyplace... anywhere.... just give me a call.. and im there....
x0x tara

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