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Kel (dreambayb1142) wrote in republican_core,
@ 2004-12-03 09:54:00
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    what the fuck.. ?
    correct me if im wrong here, but Bush sucks. He is a lair, a fake and no one likes him. Hmm, don't you think that it is a bit odd that he won when Kerry had the magority vote? And that in 2000 he only won because of the votes of the state that his brother is that state of? Can someone tell me WHY we are in iraq? It's to get oil people, thats it. We have NO OTHER reason because ya'll think that were in there because of the 2001 attacks , but guess what, were not. Because, Osma came from Saudi Arabia. ;] Not Iraq. And anthoer thing, Bush belives in taking away health care for older people, if your grandmother or grandfather were poor and very sick , well guess what hunny. THERE GOING TO DIE. Get over it. Bush sucks. And you are purely ignergant if you belive he doesn't.

    Oh yes and one more thing, I'm not leaving America because I dont like Bush, if you don't like to hear people rant and rave about him, then maybe YOU, my friend should leave.

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2004-12-03 15:53 (link)
excuse me? BUSH is the liar?! kerry isnt nicknamed flip-flop for no reason! why the hell on even reading this if ur kerry fan?! r u stupid or something? nothing u say is going to make us change our mind. do u hear the news or Bush talking about oil? no, thats what i thought! r u the president? no, u have no idea what his plans r or what his reasons r! u "my friend", should leave if u dont like him so much. get over it! he won! and F.Y.I, we havnt got bombed in almost 4 years! so he must be doing something right! kerry had no real plans. he voted against sending the people in iraq money, and then blames bush for not doing it? and another thing, the people in iraq who JOINED the military, they knew what they were getting into! they r the ones who joined the war! ur such an idiot!! get a life! he won! get over it! HAHAHAHA!

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2004-12-03 20:39 (link)
Lemme laugh first--hahahahahahahahahaha!Fool!

No one likes Bush?Hmmm..newsflash "friend"--Lots of people do.

Oh c'mon!Would you Kerry people give it up?!He lost,Bush won!Get used to it dammit!

You are so ignorant.I read in several newspapers,saw in different news channels= Bush won majority & electoral votes.What is so hard about that?!

About your grandparents,look-I know this is going to sound mean and all,but we're all gonna die one day or another.It's sad.You're so scarred of death.Yes,I can also be a little nervous at times,but reality:we're mortal!And if you're not willing to support YOUR COUNTRY,YOUR ARMY,AND IT'S REASONS TO FIGHT THE WAR *which might be,if you heard the news,that Saddam had ties with Al-Queda,nothing new to me,I always suspected it* then you are a lame-ass American.

You can hate the Pres. but you should love your country and stick with it,through good or bad times.If Kerry would've won,I'd still love America and I guess I'd have to accept him.

You,my "friend",should leave,if your against what the government (not only Bush) decides.Fool.

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2004-12-03 20:41 (link)
Again,if you're going to deny death--tsk,tsk,tsk...what a shame.

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2004-12-04 00:13 (link)
what the hell...why are you even posting in this community...are you stupid? o yeah your a are pretty stupid. HA...

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2004-12-04 01:55 (link)
stupid fag. Why in the hell are you in this community anwayz? No, I'm fine in America. I am going to keep my happy butt here. You, my friend need to get a life and stop coming in here and putting your 2 sense into this. This is a community FOR REPUBILICANS! GET THE PICTURE?

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2004-12-05 13:45 (link)
Another thing,why the hell is he calling us his "friend"--he must've been drunk or high to say that.

If "Kel" is reading this:



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2004-12-08 20:49 (link)
dreambayb1142 aka Kel

You are wrong. There you've now been corrected.

How about reach voting age, mentally and physically, then come back and spout your "ignergant" biased media opinions.

Mmkay, thanks! Now have a wonderful day!

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