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Quand vais-je voir cette jolie visage encore (reinonmyparade) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 17:48:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:float on- modest mouse

    me and lady are talking again. i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. it feels great to be talking to her again and im just really happy about it. i hope were gonna get back to where we once were with our friendship. but not everything is great right now. but i cant explain everything on here. and talking about it would just get me more upset. its best if i dont think about it at all. but i go for another therepy session on thursday.

    im supossed to be getting a phone call from someone. they were supossed to call monday. but they didnt. i feel like im not going to be able to breathe until i finally get the news i've been waiting for. if its bad news... i dont know if i will ever be able to get over it. and i dont think i'll ever be able to forgive. i can only think about the bad news. good news just dosnt exist anymore for me. i feel like im gonna lash out at someone any second now. but i'll keep it all in.

    i disect a pig on thursday for biology. thrilling.

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hey now...
2004-05-11 18:01 (link)
i hope everything gets better!!! i loveyou girl...
kate f--

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Re: hey now...
2004-05-12 17:52 (link)
hey thanks love ya too

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2004-05-14 21:05 (link)
WHy not me?

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Re: ..
2004-05-14 23:12 (link)
were talking now and im so happy!
i love u!

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