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zzz (redztt67) wrote,
@ 2012-07-30 10:06:00
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    LED light is sometimes used to clarify the work of art

    These accent lights are suitable to emphasize the architectural features of the landscape. For a more dramatic effect, use good lamp may be placed in the ground or floor devices and hidden plants can brighten up. The monorail track light is sometimes used to clarify the work of art, because it can be custom designed to focus on different areas of the room.

    Accent lighting has been widely used in the residential, commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and other places of entertainment, of course, can also be used to decorate the streets, leisure square, theme park, attractions and other occasions, the bright glare of the resort to create the effect of 1 night days Material: imported chip LED lamp bulb (diameter 3-5mm), 9 * 15 wire with copper wire (diameter 1.8mm-2.0mm), environmental and retractable PVC tube, hot melt sandwich for waterproof. Production assurance: using welding, hot melt sandwich and Filling blister with glue for waterproofing, professional anti-static workshop, strict management and the implementation of ISO9001- 2000 quality control system and 5S on-site management to ensure product quality. Advantages: multiple sets of connections can be changed synchronously, outdoor waterproof. The four eight-function controller makes gradual change, flashing, chasing and many other lighting transform combinations arbitrarily. It can be used in indoor and outdoor. Color: red, green, yellow, blue, white, warm white, pink, colorful.

    At the same time, we could also see the determination of China to popularize semiconductor lighting industry from the five-year plan. In this plan, it predicts that the industrial scale of national LED lighting will achieve 500 billion RMB in 2015. In addition, China will pay 2.2 billion RMB as financial subsidies to support the popularization of energy-saving lamps and LED lights. As the emerging industry with huge market potentials, LED industry has become the new focus of economic competition. Our company, as a professional manufacturer of LED strip lighting, will acquire this opportunity to achieve an enormous leap. According to the analysis, 2012-2016 will become the golden period of LED industry.

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