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Lazer (redclock) wrote,
@ 2003-05-17 13:14:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Blonde Redhead - Loved despite of great faults

    Alive and Well
    Last night at the show someone came up and whispered in my ear that I was dead to them... This is from the person who earlier also told me he'd been driking a lot the past couple weeks, I don't remember the exact words, but basically he was pinning it on me. I do feel some guilt... but at the same time I can't help but feel this person has no grounds for saying someting like that. No one chooses who they fall in love with, it just happened not to be this guy. Which, as more time goes by and I see how unstable he is, I'm realizing it was a good choice.

    Anywhoo, for the most part last night @ Sacred was good people, good music... I was happy that Beebs showed up and I finally go to see Kat. I am hopeful for today, I'm about to go meet up with Rhebot and Lucas for a bit Tonight shoud also be fun.
    Monday is Pete Townshend and Tara Brown's bday. Tara is the girl I tutor in french. The cool thing about it is that I am invited to her b-day dinner, which includes lobster... score!

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2003-05-19 01:15 (link)
i love you!
dont feel guilty... i dont think it would have been a wise choice either. just be careful with what you have... you know? i am glad i got to see you, we are both very busy people these days... i would hate to lose touch. we should make a date soon. dinner, coffee. i hope you arent dead... hehe. that would be sad. you are very special.

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2003-05-19 11:47 (link)
usuall I'd be wating for you about now... monday morn.
I love you too. I intend to be careful with what I have... there are no loopholes for him this time around.
You and I should make a date. I am not dead. You are special too

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2003-05-19 19:26 (link)
Fuck that guy I'll fuck him up if he tries pullin that shit again.

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2003-05-20 03:34 (link)
thank you ... i love you poopy

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