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Lazer (redclock) wrote,
@ 2003-05-07 19:17:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Fran├žoise Hardy - Comment te Dire Adieu

    Blame it on Peanut Butter & Banana
    The show Sunday went well. The first band got beer poured down their pants and quacamole and salsa thrown all over them... Twas quite funny. Our set went relatively smoothly and i didn't even drop a stick, wahoo that never happens. My mom came and filmed it. The funniest part is drunken Jordan dancing around as he slides through the frame from time to time.

    I've been really tired and I've been geting headaches. I tried to place a cause and I think its school. The stress is catching up. Not having a printer makes what should be a simple assignment some crazy find a printer task of emailing my assignment to myself and printing it at either me moms house or at school. Not having my psych books could also be a problem. I wil be incredibly thankful when summer arrives and I can ride around on a beach cruiser ala "Tell me if you've heard this one before," play music and not worry about staying out too late because I have school. Are you guys with me on the beach cruisers, terryn already got hers.

    To resolve my car trouble statement of a couple posts back. I got it fixed. I needed new ignition wires and a spark plug (tune-up). I stil have to get my oil leak fixed and because it is located under the fuel injectors (awkward spot) it is going to be about $400. I can drive around with it like that as long as i check my oil regularly, which I do, until i have enough money to fix it.

    A friend called me today to tell me that he wasn't going to call me anymore. I was obviously busy and that I could call him when I had time. His tone wasn't as mean as it looks typed... he's just trying to respect me and let me find my way or something.

    Alan should be here soon, we have to work on our debate.

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2003-05-08 02:33 (link)
i think i probably know who this "friend" is..... heh.... jazz cant we all just hump your leg????

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