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Amy Kristina Jen (realfunnyquotes) wrote,
@ 2005-09-11 20:35:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Ryan Cabrera

    Its Jen Jen. Sitting at home, so I figured, I would update.

    "Cooter Carmel!"~Kristina

    "Everytime I listen to Kayne West, I feel 20 times blacker. That means, I'm tan when I listen to Kayne West!"~Amy

    "Shes a Thriller!"~Us when we see someone really nasty

    "Hanes Her Way, Hanes Her Way *Jazz Hands"~ Us making fun of nasty ass shit

    "I wish my friend Stifler was here, Hes my friend with herpes"~Some random guy
    "Oh well, Here's Jen, Shes our friend with Herpes"~Amy and Kristina in Response. (Not funny!;))
    "Stifler Rules!"~Kristina

    "Amy God you're so clueless"~Jen to Amy when buying clueless, in which the cashier fell over laughing

    "Hugh Hefner! Double the H's, Double the herpes!"~Amy Singing late at night.

    "Shes a total Cucumber"~Amy making fun of people who laugh over nothing (long story)

    "Hey look, a car facts book. Now we can see how much her car isn't worth"~Amy on shisty cars

    "Taquito, you owe me 15 zero dollars. That's not even enough to pay the poor tax"~Amy lost in translation

    "Hes Bam Margera, and he loves to skate"~Amy after having a drink lol

    "is mike there" ~Mike's friend "No sorry, mikes in kenya on safari"~Jen in response

    "Jenaroni and Cheese"~Amy's nickname for me:)

    So..Theres a sign that says "In case of fire, use stairs" on the elevator. So I'm thinking to myself if you're blind, you can't really notice if theres a fire and what not... So when they go up to the brail, and read it... the blind person would only quote .... "OH MY GOD...THERES A FIRE"~Jen

    "Get your fluffy butt over here"~Kristina

    "Oh my God. Thats so pottery barn!"~Amy on decorating the outside of their house

    "ajhjdjkfhfghdjk Likes to burrow"~Amy
    "What likes to burrow"~Jen in confusion
    "ANIMALS!"~ Amy screaming back at her

    "What...theres only three players, yet theres four on the board..Hmm...Maybe he got divorced and left half way through the game... SORRY!"~Amy when looking at the sorry box.

    AND NOW FOR THE BEST SONG EVER..... ITS CALLED "DIRTY DOGS" and its not dedicated to anyone except for us, cause its just too bitchin!

    I'll be on top of you
    Like you want me to
    Be on you all night long
    Bashing your head into my slong
    I'll be on top of you
    Cause I want to
    Go down all night
    And shit on you till the sunlight
    You don't care about me
    Thats ok go pee
    I'll be in your bed
    Dreaming of your mouth, and my head
    You walk like a duck
    so come here lets fuck
    Do it doggy style
    Work it the extra mile
    Bring your jabber jaw
    I'm gonna get hot and thaw
    Make me yell "yeehaw"
    Then yell "God bless ya'll"
    Stuck it up your nose
    I'm about to blow
    Cum up in your eye
    Just fuck don't cry
    Is that a tear I see
    Or did I just wee-wee
    Something extra for thee
    Now break out the squeegee

    Stupid.. haha Byebye!

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