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Amy Kristina Jen (realfunnyquotes) wrote,
@ 2005-09-07 09:56:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:seductive music

    Mozart Meatballs suck
    It's Amy, and I'm updating with some of the latest quotes!

    "Question Mark?"-Derek
    "Yeah, because you can't handle the whole thing!"-Jen
    "Well at least I don't get fucked up my colon!"-Amy~One crazy night on my porch!

    "Hey Stephie! I love you!"~Jen at Dunkies talking to the worker we always see

    "What was that for?"-Lionel Richie look alike at Dunkies
    "I don't know, I thought it'd be funny."-Jen
    "Okay! Yum Yum!"-Lionel Richie guy

    "Turn up the radio! Blast the Stereo now!"-Jen and I singing and dancing
    "Yeah...Shake your groove thing."-Derek
    "That's so 1977."-Amy
    "Yeah, I know."-Derek

    Derek riding his bike.

    "KRISTINA! Put the Black Eyed Peas back on!"~Jen yelling at my sister for turning off the music.

    "Now you guys, no hankie pankie."~Me scolding Derek and Jen

    "What's for dinner? Chicken wings? Mmm.. I'd like a bite of your chicken wing."~Jen talking to a little girl walking with take out at a stop sign.

    "I'm totally going to get some cornish game hen tonight!"~Jen and I talking about what fun we were going to have.

    "Remember when his pants fell down, and his ding ding was flying in the wind?"~Bam on the special features on the Viva La Bam DVD.

    "Ahh! All I can see is red! I'm sueing!"~Jen yelling at my neighbors
    "Seriously, laser pointers are so 1997!"~Me yelling some more.

    "I came from both ways. *wink*"~Dereck

    "It's how I roll!"~Jen like ten million times when she's drunk

    "I gotta pee! Let's go in your neighbors' front yard..."~Jen

    "I have lice!! I probably got it from you!"~Jen
    "No, I have herpes."~Me yelling random shit in the computer room

    "Yeehaw!"~Don't phunk with my heart!

    "Fucking huggabees!"~Yelling at stupid kids in the road

    "Amy, I promise, I won't do anything!"-Jen
    "No, no, no, no DON'T LIE!"~Me singing in response

    "What are you on?!"~Some lady we pranked

    "My hump! My hump! Everytime I hear this song I think of freaking camels dancing!"~Me

    "Babies is the funniest word ever. BABIIIIIIIIIIIIES!"~Me running around yelling on a drunken walk

    "Where's machette? I miss that damned cat."~Me talking about a random cat we see on our walks.

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