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Comrade Raztro (raztro) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 18:06:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Electric Light Orchestra-Telephone Line

    Alright, i'm exasperated.
    Well so far this week had been a complete blowoff and waste of time. It has been completely boring all week! That is, up until this very day. People have really bothered me lately. I'm so sick of people telling me they think i am hot. I know how good looking i am! i wake up and see myself! You don't have to remind me! (sound a bit conceded? i thought so too. but then i changed my mind. JUST KIDDING!)So anyway like i was saying, this week has been pretty boring so far. But there is good news. We are off from school on friday, so that's something to look forward to i suppose. I plan on going downtown with my goldfish Mikey and handcuffing myself to a statue in the middle of the downtown area. I decided i would take along mikey for one simple reason:I think there aren't enough animal rights activists in this world and i for one am taking a stand. i wanted to release mikey into the wild in Corpus Christi, but i feared this would only kill him. He was given to me in a ziploc bag for crying out loud! HOW IN HUMANE IS THAT?>!?!?! I AM EXASPERATED! And another thing...what is up with people and their lame nick-names for people? My gf called me sparky the other day and i swear i almost slapped myself in digust. but anyway....I'm really tired of people complaining about how "hot" it is here in San Antonio. It's April for goodness sake. It isn't even summer time and yet already these weak people down here have to complain about 80 degree weather. Once again I am exasperated. My girlfriend and i asked for freedom fries at a festival this past weekend instead of asking for french fries and the guy that was serving us looked completely confused. He admitted that he had no idea what we were talking about and that he in fact must have "missed the joke". This makes me wonder: How many people actually live under a rock? I know one guy that does. That's for sure. So here we are waiting for our freedom fries and my gf has to explain the whole freedom fry thing to him. This guy was completely clueless and i, well i was completely astonished at societies stupidity level. Once again i am amazed at the constant growth that is apparant. So anyway i am happy about this friday. Mikey and i shall enjoy ourself. That is if i had a goldfish named mikey. But in fact do not, so i suppose all of those animal activists will have to wait for another day when a fish named mikey and i take a stand. I don't know if anyone heard about San Antonio's recent little fiasco, but it was pretty funny. Only in san antonio would something as random as this occur. There was a cattle transporter heading down the highway in the downtown San Antonio area when all of a sudden, it flipped over. Cattle started to scramble everywhere onto the highway and into the grasslands on the side of the road. As if having crazed cattle all over the roadwasn't enough, 20 of them died. And the funniest site had to definitely be the fact that there were police officers in jeeps driving around sticking their bodies out of the windows with lassos in hand to rope up the cattle.*sigh* only san antonio. I must say i was shocked at the fact they thought that the lasso in car plan would actually work. once again, the stupidity shocks me. and thus is the highlight of my week so far. i'll update later.

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2003-04-21 19:54 (link)
Man, I just found out Kris wrote these (from Andres). fooled me. I feel so foolish. and fool-ish..and not fool-proof. hehehe...

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