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Caitlin (rawr69) wrote,
@ 2003-10-30 00:46:00
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    OMG adpigfasdouihgsd YAY!!!
    Okay, so Jennifer gets to come visit me and stay for a week!!!!!!! She's coming on November 21st and I'm so happy yay yay yay. We talked on the phone for like ever and it was sooo fukin hilarious. I haven't laughed like that in soo long. We were trippin on Daniel majorally. Like the time when he drove his car into the ditch cuz we missed the turn for Kristens apartment so we drove across the grass and got stuck. So of course we're like DRUNK AS SHYT and I jump outta the car into a big pile of mud, and I run to this tree cuz the area is hawt, and I don't need to be arrested. So Daniels muddy azz follows me, and Im like wtf are my cigarettes? And i make him go back to the car and get them and he FALLS in the mud. LMAO. So then I call Kristen to come pick us up. But when she comes daniel wants more beer so he says he's gonna get it at the gas station the cop is at. SMARTY. So he goes in there like all muddy and the cop is like "Why are you all muddy son?" and Daniel's like "Uhhh, my cat ran into the marsh and I chased after it." and Jennifer is like "where the fuk is the marsh in North Charleston?" obviously not a that moment but yanno. So then, the gas station attendant is like "You got mud all over my floor, clean it up." So the guy makes him mop the floor. OMGGGG LOL that was hilarious. And omg then we were talking about the time when when Alicia and Jennifer met up with me n Daniel at taco bell and Alicia was like "U parked all up in the bushes." and he was like "yeah cuz i have no brakes" omg im seriously crackin up right now. And he asks jennifer to ask me "if i felt safe in the car with him" i was like "tell him FUK NO and that he sounds like a damn country hick" ewww u cocky bastard. Anyway IM soooooo happy jennifer is coming and alicia needs to come too, yayo. okay great great great great entry every1 doesnt care but i doooo sooo FUK U crackers!!!

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