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Caitlin (rawr69) wrote,
@ 2003-11-04 08:41:00
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    The Update *whoa nelly*
    ok, so sat I go out and get fukin wasted! I was like so0o out of's not even funny. First I went to Cambridge and chilled there for like an hour and a half. Then me n these 2 guys go to this party in roxbury. I was acting like a dum dum 4 real; I went up to every1 in that place asking for a cigarette. Too bad I can't like control myself wen I've been drinkin. o_O So then I spend the night at this kids house...the next morning I drive home still like drunk but my head hurt s0o badly I was like drunk/hungover at the same time. Weird. So yesterday I go shopping with Jaclyn and she's all like "wanna go to cambridge?" and I KNEW I was going to feel weird about going over there so I was so hesitant about it, but w/ reluctance went. So I get over there and the fukin kid like doesn't say two words to me. WTF I have NEVER been dissed by a guy like that!!!!!! Im so fukin mad it's not even funny. Jeezus, and I thought I was the morning after bytch but I guess I met my match. GRRRR But it's okay I got wasted last night. OMG I was feeling good, but now I don't. HAHA yeah. okiez im outtiez luv yall

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