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Shadow Fox (ravenwingedfox) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 21:59:00
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    Current mood:Idle
    Current music:Approaching Heaven (Your Arms) - Yoko Kanno

    ...Why can't it be friday yet...?
    Meh~ I should be doing homework...but...*shrugs* it can wait for just a bit more. I swear today went by too quickly! Er... Aside from my Fundamentals of Liberal Studies lecture.... that went on...AND on... and well, you get the point.

    I have a headache right now, though it's better than before. Ummm... Still no idea what to use for a new avatar. T_T; And drawing last night was a complete bust. Got nowhere REAL quick. ^_^;

    Pondered the meaning of Daylight Saving Time and finally got somewhat of a grip on it. I still don't like it, and I don't know many people who do, but oh well. What can you do, it's coming around..oh...April 4th? *shrugs* Go here if you want to learn more.

    Going to get some facial waxing done tomorrow. Yay~ Hair ripping fun! But I need it, the last treatment I had was back in mid December. It lasted for a long while, but now it's high time for an update. Also I bought some new candles and such with some of the birthday money I got. Just 4 votives, a glass candle plate, a glass votive candle holder, and a long lighter. So no more smelly matches or burnt fingers!

    Taking care of my nana kitty is getting really taxing... ~_~; She's starting to have problems eliminating completely/at all AND in all the wrong places. XS She's already went in my room twice over the last few days and whenever she's awake I need to keep a CLOSE eye on her... Oy... X_X; I can't keep her out of my room because she will scratch at my door and meow until our ears bleed. And trust me, there's no waiting her out! I guess that's a plus to being ancient: Too old to want to move and too senile to leave! ~.~ So I keep her out while I'm at school and such, but let her do what she wants when I'm around or I know she's sleeping. Pain. In. The. BUTT! XS Oh well...

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2004-02-25 20:48 (link)
Ah, so THAT'S what daylight savings is. O.o I guess we don't use as much energy here on the islands for obvious smaller population reasons.

Yay, it must be wonderful to have smooth skin! If I heal enough [and my hormones take a back seat ~.~;;], I may be able to get a treatment for dermabrasion next November. I really hope I can go through it. That's awesome and you needed to pamper yourelf. ^^

Ye gods. O.O Maybe you should get your Nana Kitty one of those pet diapers? If you want, I can send one to you since we carry them at the store. They're made from cottom material and velcro on the back. You just add a pad [human ones probably absorb better] and change every time she goes. That may be easier on your carpet, even though you said you were going to change it and save you the hassle of cleaning up heavily after her. *hug hug*

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Otanjo Bi
2004-02-26 19:58 (link)
My my, anxious to become another year older eh? You'll be 23 ne?
Haha old person! j/k I wuv ya <3. *huggs*

Happy Early Birthday! How are you going to celebrate?
What tokens can I shower you with, as soon as I get cash? ^__^;;

What kind of artwork are you looking for, for an Avatar. I just did a Google search for avaitars and found some nice sites. I have a nice site with lots of varios Anime ones, and the official Kiddy Grade site has some as well, but they're on my computer at home. I could E-mail them to you.

Well I desperatly could use photoshop/Illustrator on my laptop with a zip drive. The Macs at school are annoying slow..that or it could be my 100mb zip disk. eh heh heh ^_^; Going to have to take care of this asignment another day, cause it took about an hour just to copy the files from the server! *aaargh*

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2004-03-16 23:34 (link)
dude, you totally know someone through someone i know on blurty...... crazy

collegestudent, to something other otaru, crrrrazy

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