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Shadow Fox (ravenwingedfox) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 14:14:00
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    Current mood:Amused and a bit worn out ^_^;
    Current music:Super Metroid ~ One Girl in All the World - The Wingless -

    *Snickers madly*
    Ahhh... I meant to write an entry last night, but my brain just did not want to function properly. You see, a majority of yesterday, I was out running errands, going to the gym for 2 hours, AND attempting to clean my room from head to toe to make room for my new furniture. Man... I never noticed how much of a pack rat I was until now o_O; I mean seriously... I found some of my old tap shoes from when I was 6 and a pair of Mickey Mouse ears [the hat kind] from when I was 4. Those are just to name a few. Well... I'm still at it and today is going to be as long and busy of a day as yesterday. On the plus side, I'm about..oh... 75-80% done in terms of cleaning out thing. But I still have two boxes of stuff that I need to do a second look through. There are alot of things that I'd like to keep, but I shouldn't. So it's all a matter of me mustering up enough nerve to throw it away / give it to Goodwill.

    *Snicker* On a more amusing note... I found an old daydream/dream journal of mine that I purchased back in summer of 2001. It only has like...4 entries in it, but one was just great in my opinion. This is what it said:

    Time: Unknown [Fresh out of bed, I'd assume, since my handwriting and grammar SUCKS]

    "Had a bunch of strange dreams last night. Had a dream about a weird man who sold his soul to a sea monster for something and met this girl that lived inside the monster... Then somehow it was mech related and the giant sea monster and the guy (in a mech suit) fought in space. Something happened and a moon/planet crashed into Earth and then the sun did a supernova. Then some how it turned into a dream of me being the daughter of an old archeologist looking for a lost treasure of a Russian Tsar in a train (but we couldn't get it) and the villain strangely reminded me of Chapel the Evergreen from Trigun or Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Overall it involved lots of weirdness and it turned into a dream about happy talking cows and donkeys."

    ^_^; I must have had cheese or something before I went to bed that night... Man... I actually vaguely REMEMBER parts of that dream... Well... save the part of the talking cows and donkeys... But I do remember the galaxy blowing up for no apparent reason ^_^; Ahhhh....good stuff I tell ya... *laughs* I guess I should revive this dream journal of mine... X)

    ~[Edit : 5:16 pm]~

    Hee hee! I got my new furniture in my room now! It looks so kick ass... Man... I'm not used to having dark [er...darker that is] furniture in my room. Before it was white... WHITE... Ugh... I never complained about it until recently because as my friend Lisa R. said, it looked too "princess-y". Which it was... It was perfectly fine when I was young, but now? It was just a bit too juvinile. Now my room actually suits my age! *snicker* That sounded bad... Anyhoo, I still have a crap load of cleaning to do and little time to do it in. Ciao!

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2003-12-06 03:24 (link)
Dude, that is scary because I was digging through my own notebooks and found EXACTLY the same thing you did! Lmao. God, I was laughing myself silly with the dreams I wrote about or ancient drawings I did in intermediate school. I couldn't throw those away since it shows me how far I've come from that stage. *sputters*

Yay! Your furniture sounds absolutely lovely. X) Dark is gooood~ My walls are white too, so I'm going to cover that all up soon, hopefully. Dude, we should take pics of our rooms after we finish revamping to remember the cleanliness of them before our desks are buried under books and DVDs again. *grins*

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2003-12-07 03:21 (link)
*snicker* They're great, huh? XD Always good for a laugh...or a cringe at times. ^_~ Oh yeah... I found my old drawings LONG ago, and I don't think I'll get rid of those anytime soon. If ever.

Ahhhh~ It is X) It's a nice medium cherry wood color. Very nice... My walls are a kind of light beige, very warm and inviting now with these new furniture pieces. And you can bet I'll take pics! ^.~

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