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Shadow Fox (ravenwingedfox) wrote,
@ 2003-10-24 00:23:00
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    Current mood:Idle
    Current music:Kirei na Kanjou - Yuki Kajiura - Noir OST Ⅰ

    Freedom~! Well...for the time being.. ^_^;
    At LAST my string of tests is over. And I actually feel rather confidant that I did well on my midterm cause I recognized alot of the multiple choice questions and the essay question assigned, "Explain the 4 theories of Elitism", was one i was comfortable with. ^_^ Though I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't talk about the subject of white anglo-saxon protestants dominating the political elite. ~.~;; *kick kick kick*

    Continued the search for halloween decorations and ye GODS can't ANYONE get out of the paper cup and paper tablecover realm. T_T; You'd think that a year round costume and prop store would have at LEAST a simple black linen tablecloth... or perhaps I'm just expecting too much ^_^; Oh well, I'll check elsewhere.

    Aaaand...that's my day ^_^; Got 3 hours of sleep, studied more, took mid term, came home and napped for about an hour, and...that brings me to now. ^_^; Bored out of my mind, but keeping busy with drawing. And tomorrow is a fun filled day of chores and volunteering at the film festival. JOYYYYY~! *snicker*

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2003-10-25 00:05 (link)
YAY! XD It's over! *glomp*

Try a craft store and check out bargain bins. I found a silky black bundle of cloth awhile back and still have it. I wanted to make something out of it, but have been keeping it ever since. Maybe you'll find something too. X) Material shouldn't be too expensive.

Good luck at the film festival. *grin* Definitely want to hear details when you get back. ^^

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2003-10-25 02:04 (link)
AMEN TO THAT!!! @.@; *snicker*

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll poke around to see what I can find. ^_^ Something like a solid black, red, or possibly orange tablecloth thing... I'd prefer red or black, but orange would be nice too.

Ah, and I'll do a new post about the film festival. ^_^

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