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Rat (rat) wrote,
@ 2004-01-12 23:33:00
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    There's no place like phone.. there's no place like phone.
    I've been quite remiss in my new effort to keep this updated a little more regularly than I used to ... but eh.. not much has been happening. To follow on from my last real post, we saw "Big Fish" in the special screening. I'm a fan of a lot of Tim Burton's work, so it was not an entirely unpleasant surprise .. a unique film, certainly.

    Oh, yes, the weather (completely unrelated to Big Fish, but that's how my mind is working right now, so I'll go with it) - yesterday we had a twister nearby.. just over the Bristol Channel.. perhaps not on such a grand scale as those that happen elsewhere, but freaky nonetheless. Today we were meant to be suffering under 90mph winds and such, instead it rained lots, brightened up and ended up as a fairly nice day.

    In other happenings, Drac has been a little too successful in her cause to convert me to the way of the mobile. With all the delays we've been experiencing in the actual delivery of the phones, I'm all the more anxious to get my mitts on my shiny new phone. I can only hope it turns out to be both shiny and new. If it's in any less than pristine condition, sans defects, I won't be a happy chap. I've come to expect poor things from the company who are providing the phone...I'm biding my time trying not to count my fat ladies before the chicken sings or squawks or whatever. Even so, I'm letting myself get a little obsessive over a phone which I don't even have yet, a phone which I probably won't use that much and a phone I didn't really want in the first place. :)

    I've been browsing the online forums populated by owners of the same model phone, getting the goss on it, the pros and the cons, downloading ring tones for it, software for it etc, etc. I know, it's quite sad really, but at the same time it's fun for me. I love learning about stuff I don't really "get". Mobile phones are such a void in my knowledge, until now I've avoided them like the plague. Now my job is to fill that void with as much useless junk about the subject as I can.. New Scientist to the rescue!

    I've also started designing themes for it (an illustration of my first attempt, based on a piccy of the Keyhole nebula I happened to have on my hard drive), .. even though I don't yet have the phone OR the bluetooth adapter to transfer it off my computer ..

    Whoa, this is becoming a borderline-psychotic mobile phone rant.. must... change... the subject...

    Work is still work. Another colleague is leaving.. it seems like everyone is looking for something new, me too. I have an interview later this week.. for Drac's job (heh) .. could be strange if I get it and she doesn't. Even stranger if we both end up working at the same place, we'd better be on different teams if that happens :)

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