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Rat (rat) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 23:05:00
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    First film of the year.. disappointing.
    Work went quickly today, we managed to finish by 3:00pm. It's really irksome that if I work really hard on a Monday, I earn less than if I work really slowly - they pay me by the hour, fewer hours worked = fewer quids in the kitty. I was brought up on the idea that "if a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well" and all that .. so naturally, I do the job to the best of my ability even if it means that I'll suffer financially as a result of my efficiency ;)

    Which reminds me.. signs of RSI seem to have diminished.. the odd twinge now and then when I help Drac with the drying of dishes.. but mostly ok... for now. I suspect my re-arrangement of my keyboard/desk at work is paying off. It also probably helps that I had so much time off towards the end of last year when trying to use all my remaining annual leave. The week off at xmas didn't harm me either. :)

    Anyway, released as I was, the choice presented to me was of returning to an empty flat or doing something, so I opted for doing something. I had plenty of time so I saw "Out of Time" which happened to be the next film showing.. and as fortune would have it, was something Drac wouldn't object to me seeing without her. My advice, steer clear of it.. if you really need a recent Denzel Washington film see "Training Day" or "John Q" instead.

    Off out again tomorrow night for a mystery screening! .. oh what could it be? [Edit: I'm hoping it may be "Lost in Translation"]

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2004-01-05 18:12 (link)
Well, I can only give John Q the thumbs up, but yes it was good.

Oh, and hello. *hugs*. Just wanted to say hi. I miss you!

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2004-01-05 18:20 (link)
Hiya.. looking forward to your return. *Huggle*. You should move your parents down to Cardiff with your church and congregation.. then I wouldn't need to miss you in the future.

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